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Stratton 1/5/07 (pics)

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As one of the Bears has in his signature ...


A bad day of skiing beats a good day at work."
With a free day off on Friday (office move) and in need of some tweaking on my new boots, I took this advice and headed off through early morning showers and 50 degree temps to Stratton.

After an initial boot assessment at GMOL, I headed out for a few runs. Although the snow report listed 40 trails, there were only a 1/2 dozen ways down the mountain. Among those were a couple of surprises (Grizzly Bear was open and actually in pretty good shape), but way more closed than open.

The snow was firm granular at the top and where there was snow, the surfaces were surprisingly good. Unfortunately lots of thin spots with dirt, rocks and grass poking through. Lower mountain was sloppier, but ok.

Skied in pretty steady rain for a while around 11:00, but the rain stopped around noon and stayed away for the rest of the day. The worst part of the weather was thick fog covering the upper mountain making visibility, shall we say, less than ideal.

Conditions deteriorated in the afternoon, skied off on the top with ice, dirt and rocks making for a very defensive descent and slushy on the bottom. The black runs (that were open) seemed to hold up somewhat better (probably just from less traffic)

Fortunately, GMOL was able to work their magic on my boots (actually the footbeds) and that's why I was there in the first place.

Overall, better than working, but it certainly wasn't a epic ski day.

Stratton and others are going to be lucky if they can keep the trails they've got open over the next few warm, wet days.
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Yikes - this looks like our "season" here in the PNW two years ago. I feel your pain...or maybe I remember feeling that kind of snowless pain is a better way to put it...
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Wow, just wow.
I'm glad to report that Tahoe is back on track for winter. Those pictures makes me appreciate it even more. Good for you getting out and getting turns in spite of the awful weather and conditions.
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Like a car accident, I can't help not to look.
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Similar for Sunday River. Skied today - even one or two new trails online that weren't available last weekend. (blown snow too wet too spread out last week).

Some trails took a real beating this week due to heat and rain yesterday/last night. The trails are still open, but have to keep a keen eye out for "brown spots". Regionals here this weekend - in a couple of cases there was no choice of where the gate was set.

Still, there was decent skiing to be found away from the majority of the crowds. Even a couple of carefree runs (i.e. no brown spots).

Multiple temp inversions all over the mountain. Cloud cover all day. If sunny tomorrow it will really hurt. Bring your training shorts!
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Originally Posted by spindrift View Post
Yikes - this looks like our "season" here in the PNW two years ago. I feel your pain...or maybe I remember feeling that kind of snowless pain is a better way to put it...
Seeing what you guys are getting this year makes me jealous, but it also makes me hopeful that we'll get ours as well ... sooner or later :
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Skied Hunter with the kids on Thursday. Beautiful day, great conditions (for late April). Stayed overnight but didn't ski Friday - we don't mind the rain, but it just didn't seem worth the trouble. By their count, there were 24 trails, but only 3 ways down (if you don't count Hunter One) so there wasn't that much to ski, and although the coverage was pretty good in most places, there were enough thin spots to make me wonder how things would hold up in the rain.
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Guys I was up there today. It's FUGLY but ya know - I followed the example of several on here and got out. Tried out some slalom skis and realized even a bad bad day skiing can still be OK.

Hopefully midweek there might be something.

It looked like early November. They have about 1/4 of the mountain open I would say. You can however ski top to bottom and wear your legs out on the HS quads skiing groomers (especially with slalom skis - don't ask . The other thing is, AMAZINGLY, no matter how warm it gets in New England, there was still ice. I could not believe it. Sure, sugary conditions abounded, plenty of dirt a few rocks and patches and such. But there was STILL blue ice, chopped up ice chunks, scrape, you name it if it was solid it was out there.

Anyway, it's still nice to get out - as someone said there are days it is good skiing and there are days skiing is good for you. A bit of the latter, but it's welcome at this point.
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