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Aamodt Retires

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Just read in the Norwegian newspaper that Kjetil Andre Aamodt announced his reitirement today. He had just received the award as the 2006 sportsman of the year and made this very surpricing announcement during his acceptance speech. A truly great skier who has been fun to follow over a long and successful career. I wish him the best in retirement now that he can spend more time with his wife and young daughter.
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He leaves some big shoes to fill but it looks like Svindal is shaping up to be another superstar. And if he is anything like Kjus and Aamodt he will be a threat for another decade at least!

I'm sad to see him go, but maybe somebody else can get an olympic gold medal in super G now!
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Aamodt-- a synonym for GREATNESS with GRACE or how to win with class and dignity ---he will be missed !
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What a cracking all round skier he was...to nail the gold medal last year was awesome. Not much to choose between him and Kjus really...really amused me how upset Maier got when Kjus was matching him back in the late 90s. Just great to see a so called smaller country do well. Svindal looks a real gun and a big big prospect...
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personally i think he could have won the DH last year as well, he will be missed...
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Funny, I was riding up with a fellow coach Sunday talking about his days as a top-level Norwegian junior prospect (he foreran courses at the '92 games- including the downhill that Moe won). He said it was no fun going to the Norwegian version of JOs stacked up against two guys (Kjus and Aamodt) who already had World Cup points. Everybody else was just racing for bronze.

I love it when the "little" countries start throwing it down in the World Cup and producing top results with fewer racers and smaller budgets.

I'd been expecting it for awhile, but I'm glad he got to do it on his own terms. He'll certainly be missed, and he'll always rank up there as one of my all-time favorites.
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His olympic and world championship medal tallys will likely never be matched (just like Ingemar win tally). I always smile when sports writer say that a baseball player is "clutch", meaning that he comes big in important situation, when he has 4-5 at bat to score the winning home-run. Aamodt was the living definition of clutch. He had just one run to defend his Super-G title (with an almost kaput knee) and he overcame all the odds to become:
-The first male athlete to ever defend an Olympic title in a speed discipline (only Tomba did it in the technical events, defending his GS gold at the 92 Olympics).
- The oldest guy to win an Olympic gold.
- The guy with the most Olympic medals in history.

Truly a model and one of my favourite skier ever. He will be missed.
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