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Stevens Pass or Crystal?

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Never been either place and need to be in Seattle week of Jan 15th. May have wife join me who prefers blue cruisers. I'll ski most anything.

Also, tips on ski rentals as we'll most likely just bring boots. Thanks in advance.
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I would recommend Crystal over Stevens if everything else is equal. We have lots of snow everywhere in Washington so coverage is not a problem and Crystal has more area, vertical, and variety than Stevens. Plenty of groomers and plenty of steeps as well.

However, Stevens is a fine ski area and if you find yourself in the north part of the city it could be more convenient to go there instead. Plenty of blue groomers and lots of steeps at Stevens as well.

You won't go wrong either way.
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Depending on when you'd want to ski. Stevens is nuts on weekends in Jan/Feb. Doubly so if you ski groomers. That said, there's some mighty fine skiing there...

Stevens has sort of a split rental setup. One is std, not so exciting stuff. The other is their "performance" rentals. Per what I said before, if you go to Stevens and want to rent at the mountain - get there way early (8:00 or 8:30?) and be first in line in the "performance" rental area. By early mid morning, I've sen literally a hundred people or more people out the door in line for rentals. You can do your own math on good uses of your time
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Posaune pretty much hit the nail on the head as far as I'm concerned. Either area will be really good, especially this year with all the snow fall.
Crystal got brand new rental skis this year, Salomon X Wings, which I had a chance to try out on Dec. 4th. By far the best rentals I've ever used, really fat in the tips and tails. I think they charge 20ish dollars a day for skis only. One nice thing about Stevens is that they are open from 9am to 10pm everyday except they close at 4pm on tuesdays and wednesdays. Pretty much the whole front side of the mountain is open for night skiing if your into that. I dont think your going to regret your decision no matter where you go, either will be great. If you have more than 1 day why not try both?
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All good stuff. Thanks, folks.
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