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Nordica Proform

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Hi all.

Not sure if you can help me or not but I am desperately trying to track down a pair of the Nordica Speedmachine 14's at a pro price. Can anyone recommend a dealer that I should try?

I am working at Mammoth this season and all of the locals are out. They are the best fitting boot i've tried in a long time and I am desperate to get a pair!

Thanks in advance.
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Por deals go through the manufacturer. Most models are limited to what they make available, I ran into some Nordica stuff that was "sold out" in September. You might be a bit late.
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Talking to Nordica they said I still had a good chance of getting pro price through a dealer. I have seen the boots that I want but having trouble getting a good price, hence I asked.
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You don't get 'pro price' through a dealer, you get a proform from your supervisor, he signs off saying you are eligable, you send it in to the company, they either have the item to send you (hit-or-miss at this time) or they don't. Retailers have NOTHING to do with the process.
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Well I am only saying what they told me. They said to speak with an authorised Nordica dealer seeing as the Nordica pro-form is now expired.
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It is incorrect that dealers have nothing to do with proform- I've seen it done both ways, and its much more common around here for a ski shop to have a "pro night" in early October where they require proof of certification at the door and then advertise their pro prices and have the reps available to push their product. Either way, asking on the internet isn't the right way to go about securing pro deals, especially as late as January.
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