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I'm going to be out at Snowbasin over MLK weekend and would love some advice on where some of the good terrain is. I'm fairly familiar with the lift layout as I've been there once before and have studied the trail map somewhat. I will be there for 3 days likely, although one might be at Powder Mountain.

Terrain that requires mandatory air over 5-10ft or is "fall and die" is going to be a bit too much, but other than that pretty much anything else is fair game. Willing to boot pack for it, but not anything that should have a beacon involved. Just looking for some local's favorites for powder or otherwise fun to ski shots.

Any advice on what aspects to hit early versus late or just general advice on how to approach the mountain, where and what to eat, etc. would be greatly appreciated as well.

So what are your must-do takes for Snowbasin?