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Krypton review on going saga.......

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this story starts back in 2004 when recently addicted to skiing josh buy some new solly Xwave 10 boots. great boots but they where a size to big and now have packed out really bad.

flash forward to Fall of 2006 I need new boots. Flexon Phil has some kryptons cheap. I decide to buy them jump on the band wagon. they seem to fit alright around the house so I decid i give them a go in colorado

Dec 1st 4 am. I ski my first run of the season on the said boots, the pain is unbearable. My first run of the season ends in my eyes watering from pain.

4 days ago on account of some nice tip money i rake in I decide to get them fitted. boottech at snowbird punched the forefoot out, did custom footbed and heat molded the liners. the first day on them was pretty good. when on my metron i could turn easier get on edge super quick. Plus they are now the most comfortable ski boot I have worn.

but......then it snow and i take my gotamas out. turns out these things are way to soft to to drive that ski. I can barely turn and basically look like i cant ski. Boot setup softest setup(great for teaching) 4 mm forward lean cant to my inside edge slightly(makes skiing fat skis easier). I am going have to put the race tongues in and see how that goes.

review great boots was made to fit my "D" width foot and so laterally stiff it will make your skis feel sharper. but my theory of soft boots being better is way off and it turns out if your a good skier you need stiff boot to drive stiff long skis. common sense that i didnt think about.
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Try the rear cuff shims, they will stiffen them up too. It is not uncommon for any new boot to take work to get fitted. I am glad these are working out for you..slow and sure.
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I thought with the 2 stiffeners in and stiffer toungue they were at 130 for a din ..plenty stiff
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Yeah, Phil's right on regarding the flex control pieces you can install on the inside of the rear cuff. The great thing about them is they give you 3 very distinct forward flex settings without much fuss. Make sure you use the right ones (there's 2 sets - one for when you use no forward lean shims or the 4mm ones and another set for the 8mm forward lean shims).

With the stiff tongues and the forward flex adjuster in the stiffest position the Krypton can be setup rock hard.
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looks like we're both struggling a bit dialing in these puppies...at least I'm getting some great hands on help from Bud...

...keep us (me ) posted on your progress...I'll continue to bore everyone with my saga as well.

Can anyone else feel the cuff stiffeners dig in to their calves in the lower/softer setting? Also, I raised my cuff using the canting inserts and offset that with the 8mm shim (so it will not really have the same lean as the 8mm shim would normally give) - any impact from this in terms of which stiffener to use? Finally might anyone have some feedback in terms of how the soft tongue w/ stiffeners feels compared to the stiff tongue, no stiffeners (my guess is, regardless of ultimate flex, that the two would feel very different)?
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I never felt them, but I use ZipFit liners that have a stiff plastic upper cuff.

I'd be really surprised if you need the 8mm shims - that's a boat load of forward lean. The Krypton already has more forward lean than the Flexon (Flexon with 4mm shim = Krypton with no shims). Of course it all depends on your body dimensions (lower leg, upper leg, height, etc.), but the general trend is towards more upright stances for use with modern shaped skis.

Interesting that you used the cuff alignment inserts (you called it "canting", but that's really not what they do) to raise the cuff height. I'm having trouble picturing how the 8mm shims could offset the forward lean.

I don't like a rock hard boot, so I use the softer tongue with the flex inserts. The hard tongue with the flex inserts is stiffer than I like, but I'm coming from a Flexon world.

Note that these boots really aren't for a D width foot without investing in some boot work. I have a B width and a narrow heel and they work pretty well right out of the box (once I put the ZipFit liners in them).
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I got a new pair of krypton's and love them I started with the softer tongue but i switched to the stiff when i started skiing all mountain instead of park. I really like them oh and your right soft boot doesnt mean you are going to be more comfortable.
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If you have a size 30-31ish pair of Kryptons (or Flexons) and you have abandoned your soft tongues, drop me a PM. I can take them off your hands.
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