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Atomic LT or ST

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I can get either of the skis for $250 with bindings, but i'm not sure wich one to choose. I know LT stands for long turn and ST for short turn and dimensions are different, but they're still pretty similar skis.

Has anyone demoed any of them before? With the NY weather right now, i won't be able to demo anything in a while, but i gotta make up my mind on them soon.

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I guess it would depend on whether you prefer long turns or short turns.
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I believe the LT is 15m radius and the ST is 11m. I picked up a pair of 160 cm STs for my son for Xmas. Several instructors at my area had the STs last year and LOVED them. BTW - both were over 6' and were skiing the 160s.

FWIW- I think the STs generally sell for more than the LTs.

Good luck,

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I think i'm gonna get the Atomic ST 11, for that price i think it's pretty good deal.
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