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Axial 140 ti adjustment

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I need to move the heel back to account for a 3 mmm differance in some boots I just bought. How can I adjust this binding just the small amount I need? I see no obvious adjustment.
Rossi Axial 140 TI
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You should see a phillips screw behind the heel at the base in a little concave indent (posi #3 screw drivers work the best). Just turn it counterclockwise about 2 or 3 clicks (you'll feel the clicks). fwd pressure is set correct when the screw is flush with the inner most part of the indent when the boot is in the binding. Remove and attach the boot a few times to make sure the screw stays put and adjust accordingly - if the screw is sticking out a bit then increase fwd pressure by turning clockwise, if its in past the indent then counterclockwise). Don't increase fwd pressure with the boot in, remove boot and do a click or two then put the boot back and check.

Axial 140s are my favorite binding
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