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Ski Size?

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Hi, I have a question in regard to the sizing of skis. I am looking to get the K2 Axis X. I am not sure if I should go with the 174 or 181. I am 5' 11 and 180 lbs. I have been skiing for about 3 years and would consider myself intermediate. I ski about 10-15 times per season. I am still trying to perfect my form, turns etc. When I ski I look to ski mainly single diamonds and blues. The only reason I don't usually do the double diamonds is because of the moguls. I live out East so I ski mainly in Vermont and some in NY, with plans to go out West once this winter. I am currently skiing on 190 Fischer X-carves. The 190's are too long for me. I would appreciate your opinion on the size I should go with.
Thank You,
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Go with the 181's, as you get better the 174's will become a pain in the butt when you want a bit more stability and ski under you at speed. The shop will tell you to go with the 174's probably but If you have the chance ski both before purchase.
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I second the gooseman...though I have to believe you never used that handle in High School....did you ? :
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Nah.. more like elementary school. Bringing back the classic's!
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Here we go again, telling an intermediate who skis 10-15 times a year that he needs a long, performance ski to grow into. I am amazed how difficult it is for people to accept that a shorter ski has plenty of stability for most situations, especially in the East where crowded slopes are so common.

Anthony, do yourself a favor and go for the 174cm. I would even suggest you get the Axis (not the X), but since you are 180lbs, you should be able to bend the Axis X with little difficulty. Think of the 80-20% rule. If most of your skiing is at medium speeds, lots of turns and occasional bumps, then the shorter ski is perfect. If you plan to go at high speeds most of the time, then the 181cm may be more appropriate.

Good luck with your selection.
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I demo'd the 181 Axis X at the end of last season. I'm 5-6, 170 and they were perfect for me. So perfect, in fact, that I bought a pair a couple of weeks ago. Now where's my snow????
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