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Death at Mt. Hood Meadows - Page 2

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That is horrible! Truly a tragedy! My heart goes out to the family!!
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I witnessed something interesting recently at Heavenly. A boarder collided with a little girl. I didn't actually see the collision, but heard it from the Olympic chair. I looked over and the boarder was getting up and moved over to see if the girl was hurt. She was out flat. Within seconds a Heavenly instructor was on the scene and he pushed the boarder out the way and motioned for him to leave with his arm. The boarder left. Nobody went with him. I was actually surprised that the instructor sent the person who caused the crash away.
The instructor's kid on the board?

Anyway, more ski areas need to install positive speed control and traffic control devices like chicanes where the people must slow to make it through the tight turns. There is one bottleneck where I teach where young racers zip past the slow sign onto the beginner hill, then other skiers emulate the racers. The racers have the skills to avoid wrecks, but the others may not, and no one should speed on the beginner hill. Part of this problem is that the race coaches support their racers and do not support the official speed control volunteers. I always wear my helmet. My wife says that my head ain't much to look at, but it's all I got.

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Several places at Meadows have bright plastic mesh on poles converging from both sides to creat a gate in an attempt to slow the merging speeders. Slows me down but then I'm not all that fast.
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