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P-Tex Gun

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Hey everyone-

Every once in a while I have to p-tex my skis . ROCKS SUCK. Anyway, I always burn the p-tex and then let it drip onto the ski after the p-tex is lit. I heard that a p-tex gun gets the p-tex hotter with out burning it, plus the ptex stays on the ski longer. Is this true? and where can I get a ptex gun? Any websites? Thanks!
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We just had a similar discussion on the following thread:

I did check my Tognar catalog and found they do sell a gun for $129.00. I'll stick to my $29 iron for now.
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I haven't used a pistol but unless your doing a lots of repairs I would go with an iron. With the hard ptex the problem I have is removing the excess which might be more of a problem with a pistol. For small coreshots use the copolymer only and for large use copolymer for bulk of repair and then melt ribbon over top. I would admit that repairing a scratch 12 to 18" long with ribbon with an iron would take a long time but that should be an early season thing only.
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Hi kb1dqh--

Those P-Tex guns (which look and work like a big hot-melt glue gun) work great. It isn't so much that they get the P-Tex hotter, but that the P-Tex they use itself is different. P-Tex "candles" contain plastic mixed with wax so that they burn. The sticks you use with a gun are pure polyethlylene. When the plastic cools, it is MUCH harder than the plastic from a candles.

In either case, though, you must learn to use the tool and materials with skill. If you get a gun, you will also need a very good, very sharp scraper. Remember not to over heat the ski base, and allow the P-Tex to cool completely before scraping it (with guns OR candles).

Good luck!

Best regards,
Bob Barnes
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