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Just out of curiousity, Linda, had you gotten your new boots yet/
BTW, studies have shown that bed "rest" with a strong handsome male ski racer has highly therapeutic affects on various female injuries.
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Hopefully it is not an ACL injury and you will be able to ski in a little while.

To All,

My wife taught me it's best to take the sled ride and to listen to your body. A few years ago, we were in the powder and she hit a sort of drop off. She felt a momentary pain but heard what seemed like bone against bone. There was no twisting forces. It didn't hurt really (but since she's been around me, her pain threshold is high). She's a Nurse Practitioner and she thought soemthing might not be right so she took the sled ride to the onhill first aid. She seemed fine there after some ice, was walking out of the door feeling confident of no significant injury when she twisted slightly and her knee buckled. From here she had it evaluated and her ACL was completely severed. Only a minor tibial plateua fracture to go with it, but if she had continued to ski, there could have been a lot more collateral damage to the menisci and other structures.

Hopefully I won't need one, but in the future I will opt to take the sled ride, if in doubt, to hopefully speed my recovery back to the snow.
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yes, it was my first day out with the new boots...I LIKE your treatment method!(although I think VK may be blushing....) [img]tongue.gif[/img]

I just got back from my orthopedic surgeon. he twisted my leg all over the place ("does this hurt?" while doing stuff that would make my leg hurt if it WASNT injured. ) He sat down and took a deep breath...
bone bruise, possible torn mcl, effusion, (fluid), and he said after lookng down at the floor, "I really think that it is your ACL" gulp. bottom lip begins to tremble. I can barley sign the form ordering the MRI, cant see through tears...

*sniff* sob....
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oh yea, and that mini..miniscle...minis...WHATEVER is damaged.
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Meniscus I hope your MRI shows better. After 2 weeks off the leg and lots of ice, my friend went back for a re-evaluation. (doctor wisely decided not to do surgery right away and let the swelling go down) they found that the ACL had not completly torn but was just barely hanging on. With the proper therapy she was able to avoid surgery. I took a year to get back on skis but she was happier not to get the surgery. For some surgery is the correct choice but she decided to be conservative. Good luck and wishes for a speedy recovery.
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