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leave it to me...

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to mess up paradise....

so Friday Im skiing, its beautiful, nice day, good conditions (relatively) nice mountain, really GREAT LOOKING sexy guy to ski with...the day was just PERFECT.

I fell, and I dont remember how it happened. the Knee that I had slightly injured the weekend before now felt like it was connected to my leg with jello, it was just floating around...no stabiliy or control...very weak, but did not hurt...YET.

I decided to take another run, was not going to mess up this day for ANYTHING...fell a few times because i had no knee..and suddenly it starts to hurt. (Only with his permission, I will tell you how my gallant companion, who is a fantastic, fast, and strong skier saved me from a sled ride...but ONLY if he says I can....)

I went to the doctors yesterday...Two partially torn ligaments...one on either side of my knee. the doctor does not beleive i damaged the ACL. However, he wouldn't tell me when I could ski again!!! he made me go get xrays and is referring me to an orthopedic surgeon for a second opinion and to discuss treatment...be it surgery or PT.

HAS THIS EVER HAPPENED TO ANYONE??? what can i do to shorten the recovery period? why does this stuff have to happen to me??? WHEN CAN I SKI AGAIN??? HELP!
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Have you thought about getting one of those knee brace things?
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yes, I have a perscription thingy from dr to go find one today...Ill need to wear that for a few weeks...

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Oh Linda that is AWFUL!! I assume your doc has you icing and elevating the bad leg. The sooner you get yourself into Physical Therapy, the better. In some ways, torn ligaments are worse than broken bones, since they never completely heal. The good news is that its only a partial tear.

How long it will take before you ski cannot really be determined. It is partially dependent on how much muscle strength you had in your inner and outer thugh to begin with. If you were doing a good deal of inner and outer thigh work, chances are your recovery will be fast. Since women tend to be hyperflexible, ifyou were doing too much inner thigh flexibility work, it may take longer.

I really hope for the best! Take care of yourself! And tell that gorgeous racer boyfriend of yours to take good care of you!

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Sorry to hear about your knee. What a bummer. Unfortunately it's really hard to say what the next step will be and when you can get back to skiing because it sounds like the diagnosis hasn't conclusively been made yet. Based on your statement "Two partially torn ligaments...one on either side of my knee" you may have sprained your MCL and LCL. If that's all you have (and if the ligaments are only partially torn) then your recovery may be very quick with diligent PT. However, it's common to have associated injuries with LCL sprains, such as meniscal injuries, and those might complicate matters. I'm glad to hear that the ACL is not obviously damaged, though I'd want to see the results of some imaging as well as the opinion of an orthopedic surgeon or sports medicine specialist.

How is your knee now? Is it swollen? Range of motion? Can you bear weight on that leg?

Bottom line (in my opinion) is that you'll need a firm diagnosis first. No matter what happens, though, you'll speed up your recovery by working with good PT and plenty of hard work on your part. For now, take anti-inflammatories, rest/ice/elevate/compress.

Best wishes,
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Today, third day, it HURTS, more than it has, especially on the inside of the knee. I didnt swell until yesterday, and today it is worse, especialy on top and sides of kneecap.\\ and my hamstring hurts but I think thats because Im compensating by using it more. I had xrays n case i chipped a bone, but wont know until I see orthopedic surgeon midweek.

how did I get down the hill? Litterally on the back of my companion, he piggybacked me all the way down the trail, on skis, MUCH to the delight and entertainment of everyone who stood watching, including a group of patrollers who were at the base looking on in AWE.

My opinion of that ride is best summed up by the observation of a woman skiing by...."now THATS a MAN!!!" she called...
I was very appreciative, being saved the humiliation of a sled ride...
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oh, and I can bear some weight on it, but mid-step, when my foot leaves the ground and it twists even slightly, it HURTS. any twistng pressure hurts, and both sdes hurts to the touch....
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What a guy!!! This one's a keeper! Hope he's blushing as he reads this! The hamstring pain makes sense. Most people, especially women are not all that strong in those muscles { which is another eason the injuries happen in the first place!} so when other muscle injure, and the hamstrings have to compensate, OUCH!

What Andrew said about getting a diagnosis first is crucial. keep in mind, Andrew is a med student, I have a little bit of training in Post Rehab exercise, but neither of us is coming out and telling you exactly what you should do. I've said this many times, but everyone needs to be careful about taking medical advice over the internet.

You are very lucky that your doc is sending you for tests. In today's managed care environment, often the dr.s refuse. Then, it becomes complicated. Without a proper dianosis, it is difficult to find the appropriate treatment.

Hang in there!
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Oh man Linda I am so sorry to hear that! I too have had some bad spills that tested my knees - doesn't sound like I went quite as far as you did but I came close!

I have many friends that ski now after surgery using braces so I know there is skiing after injuries such as these.

Yay for your man - that is amazing!

Take it easy girl - let us know what the end diagnosis is and your expected recovery.

I think I'm off to the gym to do some more leg work......
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Congrats on your find (the VK guy)! Of all the significant things that happened this weekend, that is probably the most and best.

I did similar to my knee last year... partial tear of the ACL (doc thought it was complete tear), torn miniscus... I kept it wrapped in ice for the first 3-4 days 'til the swelling went down. As the swelling went down, the pain decreased proportionally. I waited and didn't try to ski the next week, talked again to my doc and decided that even tho surgery was in order I could try to ski with a brace through the season and have surgery after the season was over. He prescribed a brace (Bregg - imo the best) and while I had to take it somewhat easy (no moguls, jumping etc - not that I do a lot of that anyway) I skied another 56 days. I had my surgery last April 6 and skied again in May.

I wouldn't think to recommend you do what I did. Just talk it over with your physician... see how you feel with a brace. Ask your doc what OPTIONS you have. An MRI will tell you a lot more about the damage and clarify your needs and the possibilities. Don't let the OS push you into something you might not need right away. The first OS I talked to wanted to do the surgery right away, and wouldn't order an MRI without me agreeing to it... I balked, talked to my regular Doc (who happens to be one of the Seattle Seahawks team docs - familiar with sports injuries) I found another Ortho surgeon.

Good luck with your knee.

Have fun with VK...

Keep us up-to-date!


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Ok, now IM blushing...bet he is too..

Its hard to be SIGI when i cant SKI!!
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I have to add my 2 cents from another perspective.

LindA---I am glad your transport decision worked out well. It could have been fodder for one of the other topics on this board---"Worst mishaps"

Accidents happen, a ride down in a sled should not be "humiliating".

I tried something like that a few years ago when I was not thinking clearly.

We were closing the hill, I was on the beginner run, came across a guy in a heap, clearly not hurt, just wet and tired. Calling for a sled would have made me late for the first beer call. So I decided to have him stand behind me, hold onto my shoulders and I would snowplow him down the remaining 300 yards or so. He was around 6 feet, no muscle tone to speak of close to 200#. I should have thought twice when he took 3 tries to stand up. No---I can do this---dumb! (I'm 5'5 and maybe 140 in gear)

We went about 8 feet and he tipped over forwards and there I am face first in the snow with 200# of wet noodle on top of me.

I called for a sled! I was sore for a week and I had to buy a round for falling on duty! Tough crew I ski with!
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>>>Its hard to be SIGI when i cant SKI!! <<<

NOT TRUE! Besides her skiing, I (we) admired Sigi for the way she turned her head, the beguiling laugh, the honest eye contact, etc.

Sorry you'll have to miss some of this ski season, but there is so much more to life...

Never fear, it's hard for a man to resist a helpless woman who depends on him ..

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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR> NOT TRUE! Besides her skiing, I (we) admired Sigi for the way she turned her head, the beguiling laugh, the honest eye contact, etc <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

You'll have to ask VK about that!!Im not so sure that I have a "beguiling" laugh...

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Along the lines of what Skier_j had to say, I'd like to discourage similar approaches to knee injuries (both continuing to ski and riding down on someone's back regardless of how it improves your lovelife).

When you hurt a knee, you should have it evaluated. If you'd taken the time to have the ski patrol's resident knee guru (there's usually at least one) evaluate your knee, it's likely the pain you felt subsequently would have begun to advise you against further skiing until you could get a full medical consultation.

And there should be no embarrassment associated with riding downhill in a patrol sled. Fear, maybe, but not chagrin :~).

All too often, folks discount injuries to the knee until they get your type of further evidence of damage.

Now, with that tongue lashing out of the way, best wishes for an early recovery. Let your doctors and therapists provide the direction you follow.
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Where were my manners?

Hers wishing you speedy recovery! May the ski and PT gods get you back as soon as possible.
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ok, ok, yes i deserved that tounge lashing;

but in defense of my champion...he learned early about my stubborn streak...and knew if he left me to my own devices i would try to ski the rest of the way to avoid a sled ride...and probably further injure myself. He suggested sled but I would hear none of it..so I am to blame. I am lucky he was there to cart my sorry butt back to the base.

and in defense of myself, (actually VK went and retreived him...) I did speak to a patroller when we got down, who said basically there was nothing they could do but ice and referr me to a doctor.

Thank you for all the warm wishes...It feels better just knowing you all sympathize [img]smile.gif[/img]
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VK says:

Tell them that the chances of me falling with 125lbs. (ok 130lbs. with
ski boots) weight behind my back are far less than those of some rookie
patroller mishandling a sled and letting it run away into the woods..

Also... sitting on a cold snow and freezing her butt off waiting for
patrollers to show up can have way more detrimental effect on MY health
(and lovelife in particular, hehe)....

(hey, he said it, not me.....)

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My knee is hurting in sympathy - especially when you mention the excruciating pain from any twisting lateral movements. I got an MCL sprain 2 seasons ago (in my case from stupid hotdogging at Whistler). I know the feeling.

Once you have a diagnosis, if it involves PT, make sure you find a good, athletically-oriented PT. Though I am far from being a gym-rat, I rejected my doctor's suggestion of the PT department at the otherwise world-class hospital he practices at. It just struck me as very traditional, occupational-therapy, static-oriented. Instead I found a sports-oriented PT that practiced out of a local health club.

This guy had me doing lunges while he was pulling me in the direction that needed strengthening with a theraband, weird stuff with balls, all sorts of dynamic exercise. Yes he also did the more traditional stuff on the machines, massage, ultrasound, etc., but the dynamic movements with offsetting, un-balancing vectors really helped.

Result was by the start of last season, I barely could feel the injury. I'm really happy with the results. I probably should be at the gym a lot more for general fitness and strengthening (that's another story) but this sports-oriented PT was a big help.

I could give you a referral in a PM but he's down here in Boston - a bit far to come. But make sure you get with someone who understands that you are a skier and that getting back skiing, not just balancing while riding the bus, is important to you.

Good luck!
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I was just thinking of saying the same thing, but Mark beat me to it! When I was at the Sports Conditioning conference in Miami, one of the presenters who specializes in Post Rehab, was commenting that he sees very little permanent healing of ski related injuries from traditional methods of PT. The guy Mark went to was awesome. VK probably has some recommendations, too!
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Sorry to here about your knee. It seems that everyone beat me to the punch on giving you good advice.

Friends are great, but get the "official" word.

Although skier-j is new, he is right. Heroics on the hill can make things worse. Glad your knight in shining armour helped, and is still helping(if not-we will all yell at him).

Drugs, PT and the need to go skiing again, will be in your favor. I just finished 2 days of "spring" mogul skiing with the Director of ASIA, and I was flat on my back in the hospital beginning of October with a herniated disc. God bless drugs and PT.. and the need to go skiing.

Take care. Keep us posted.

By the way, what Mark says about dynamic PT is right on the money.

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We are so sorry for your injury. I hope being in contact with all the bear's eases your pain a little.. Congrats on the find of a romantic interest. My friend tore an ACL 2 years ago and made it back. but being a little older it took more time. take care and listen to the PT. They may torture you but they are the best ones to put you on the path to recovery.

Keep us informed.
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Sorry to hear about your injury. Do not rush it girl. Take your time as you only have two knees and winter always comes around again.

Use the R.I.C.E. mantra R.I.C.E. and as previously advised a good sports pyhsio is imperative.

Cut out the coffee and booze as it slows the healing process .... tough advice to follow when injured.

Get well soon

Oz [img]smile.gif[/img]
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR> Wow, VK must have HUGE thighs <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>
Hope the size discussion of my body parts won't go any further.......
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You know what they say about a well proportioned body... : : :
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VK has VERY nice thighs...lean, mean, skiing machine... :

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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by VK:

Hope the size discussion of my body parts won't go any further.......

As if we would :, but if anything else swells dont forget the RICE (Rest, Ice, Compression & Elevation) principal. I recommend a few days in bed and some rest

Get well soon Linda


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Sorry to hear of your injury. I am however enjoying hearing about your love life. I feel a bit voyeuristic.
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First, I wish you the speediest recovery.

Second, I feel your pain. I just came off my first knee surgery in May after dislocating and exploding my patella for the 4th time playing hockey – wasn’t even skiing!! My advice, get a sports medicine doctor. I was fortunate to have The Stedman Hawkins Clinic do the work, and talk about thorough! They had me going to PT before my procedure so my muscles could recover quickly after surgery.

And congratulations on your guy -- your story sounds like it could be one many more shared experiences with him. A year after I dislocated my shoulder -- hockey, I ended up dating the then med. student and now doctor, who was unable to get it back in place. Now, that’s our running joke between each other and our friends. "So how'd you meet..."

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Wow, VK must have HUGE thighs - thanks for that image!! Use this rehab time as an opportunity to come back even stronger and fitter and while you're off the slopes everyone here will keep you entertained!
Good luck,
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