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I just got my new Snoop Daddy's mounted with Freeride bindings and have now skied them in bounds the past 2 days. I am 5'8," 150 lbs., and a good skier. I am not yet fully "on my game" yet this year due to a percentage of my days being back country, a second new hip replacement, and some early season limitations in available terrain. However, by now I am starting to ski reasonably.

Yesterday, at Solitude, Utah, the slopes were very hard packed. I took the Snoop Daddy's out for the first time and was impressed with the edge hold. I made the mistake on my first run, however, of thinking they would hold no matter what. I tried to turn as sharply as I can on my Metron B5's at the steepest part of Diamond Lane (a fairly steep groomed slope with hard, hard pack) and had my edge give out. Other than that I found the Snoop Daddy's to have dramatically better edge hold and rebound than my (very old, skied out) Pocket Rockets. I also found that they were stiff enough to catch an edge if I got too lazy with them on the hard pack. I skied a few hard bumps with them and found them holding pretty well but given the hardness of the snow and being back a little bit I don't think I gave them a very good test. One thing for sure, I found these to be much quicker edge to edge than my Pocket Rockets, and almost comparable to the B5's. I suspect this comes from a combination of good torsional rigidity and a relatively stiff tail. On the nearly frozen crud they were quite impressive. I didn't notice the edginess (a good thing on the smoother hard pack) nearly as much and they cut pretty efficiently through the stuff. On this stuff, a little heavier ski can be an advantage but the Snoop Daddy's really did very well.

Today started out with dust on crust and progressed to some pretty nice conditions with an accumulation of 6 or more inches until just getting off the slopes a few minutes ago. As the snow conditions improved the Snoop Daddy's began to shine more and more. They handled the dust on crust just beautifully. With the dust I was able to get better centered on them which also made a big difference. I had a blast in the hard bumps as they went from trace accumulation to the 6 inches or so. I found, as I had the first day, that these skis are very quick edge to edge for an 88 mm waist. I traded skis for a run with my daughter (exact same boot shell!) early in the day and found her Head Mojo 90 (which I really like) to be a little softer and less energetic but perhaps a ski with which you can be a bit lazier. As the snow accumulated I appreciated the Snoop Daddy more and more. For such a light ski they cut through the powder and crud wonderfully. In the really cut-up stuff with some crust underneath they were surprisingly stable. In these conditions I was somewhat surprised that I didn't notice them being tossed around due to their lightness. I certainly would have with my Pocket Rockets. Again, maybe the rigidity and relative tail stiffness are helping here.

One more comment: This was not a ski that I immediately felt centered on or 100% comfortable (as I have on my Metron B5's, my daughter's Mojo 90, and a few other skis). This could very well be a factor of the very hard conditions I started out on with them. Either way, if progress continues like it did today, I will have as good of an off piste/back country ski as I could imagine and one that can h adequately handle the hard pack to boot.

So, not a real review but some early impressions.