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Atomic Stomp - 03-06

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Hello all...I've just been introduced to this site and love all the tips and discussions...you all rock! So...i thought i'd throw out my current situation and see what you all think.

I've been skiing on 03 Pocket Rockets but just blew an edge and don't really want to put too much money into those old skis...of course i'll recycle them somehow...but i'm in the market now.

As asked on other threads:
6' -220lbs (*ding* ...anyone listen to Dan Patrick? )
185cm Pocket Rockets...Salomon 912ti bindings i believe

Aggressive skier, but a humble mid-to-advanced skier. I'm not into the bumps, but need a ski that will be able to get me through them as needed. Mostly ski steeps and trees, with the occassional visit to the park to hit rolling jumps - not the big boys. I do ride switch for fun - thus the twintip. I'll be turning my PRs into an AT setup, but would like to keep the midfat mentality inbounds as well. When it is soft out (powder or spring snow), I love to power through anything and spring on top...the PRs have been great for this!

I've been doing some digging and it would appear that the Atomic Stomps are fairly comparable to my PRs, but a bit stiffer (which is fine). Unfortunately I can't find any to demo, but there are quite a few around to buy brand new...however varying years.

So my questions....first, has anyone been on the Stomp? Any thoughts in comparison to the PRs? Second, what are the differences between the '03-'06 models? I'm finding all good reviews, but can't seem to find if anything changed over the years.

Thanks to all for your help! Much pow pow to you!
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I am familiar with the second generation Stomp which was sold from 03-05. They were blue with a 78mm waist. (The first generation where a pukish yellow/brown with a narrower waste.) The blue Stomps are nothing like the Pocket Rockets. They are a much better hard snow/carving ski but don't have the performance of the PRs in powder. They're slightly stiffer especially in the tips and tails.
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FYI: The first generation Stomp was yellowish, plated, with an 88mm waist. I had a 186 and a 176 a loved them both. The second generation Stomp was flat(No plate) and almost universally despised by all who had it. The blue ski with a 78mm waist was the second generation Tweak. It was a pretty good, not great, ski. The first generation Tweak was grey with yellow writing and a waist of 70mm and was a very good on piste twin tip. Hope this helps some. Many people stripped the plate off the yellow stomp and mounted the binding of their choice directly to the ski.
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I have been skiing on the red Atomic Stomp with no binding plate. I think the ski is a "sleeper". They are a stiff yet light ski that is great in powder and crud. The dimensions on mine are 118-88-108. I picked up the Used skis on Ebay for less than $250 with Salomon bindings. Very similar dimension wise to the Pocket Rocket.I think the stiffness of the ski is better than the PR for skiing on harder snow. Still fun to ski the groomers though GS turns are easiest. I weigh 190 lbs, 6 foot, and ski the Stomp in a 186. For me the ski inspires confidence...I wonder why the previous post suggested dissatisfaction by some with this model?
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