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How's Snowbird?

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Going to Snowbird tomorrow for a few days. I am getting conflicting report of snowfall at LCC. Can anyone who is up there now tell us what's going on? Thanks!
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If you look here: http://www.snowbird.com/ski_board/snowreport.php

forecast calls for snow today. I just checked the mountain cams for both Snowbird and Alta, and they don't show much - as in - it's probably snowing. Alta forecast was saying 7 - 11" of snow, so that should freshen thing up for you.
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yea im goin tommarrow and the forcast seems up in the air... the weather channel says snow in the rockies pretty much everyday next week but i guess that should amount to 0 as usual this year
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Snowing like Crazy in the SLC valley right now. I imagine that the mountains are getting hammered right now.
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I work near the SLC airport and we've had steady snow all day. There's at least 2 inches on the grass in front of where I work.
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OK, so I am packing my powder skis for the trip and leaving the rock skis at home, right?

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5" so far on the east bench....
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Nuking in PC right now. snowed all day- supposed to dump tonight and tomorrow.
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Jusy got back from Alta. About 4" to 6" of new. It started snowing noticably harder as I was packing up. Cars off the road, etc. The really heavy stuff is supposed to come this evening. I don't think tomorrow will be HUGE, but it will likely be pretty good.
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dumped snow all day. quite wet, so it'll pack down nicely over stuff that needs covering.
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Alta = 10" overnight. LCC got "okay" coverage. A little more to fall this morning. It's gonna be coooooold this morning.
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