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Length question

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Im sure this is a stupid uestion to some but hey i dont know until i ask........how much difference will it really make to an Int. skier going from a 170 to a 176 ski also alot of the skis i am looking at are 168......what are the differences in how the ski will act from the 3 lengths.....im 6ft 240 so please keep that in mind. Thanks for the help!! Im trying to buy skis but have no chance to demo
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Virtually none IMHO. Unless you are skiing bumps and trees right out of the gate. But you will get used to and appreciate the new size of ski. From 168 to 176 some difference but under 6 cm forget about it.
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I am going to add my stats for those who can help you can probably help me as well with the same question. I'm 5'10", back up to 230 lbs unfortunately but figure a range of that and 190 depending on the year. Recreational skier on small local hills with my 7 and 10 yo who just learned last year. Haven't ventured to diamonds yet but maybe if we ever get snow to practice we could try by the end of the season. Some sales ppl are adament that I should be on a women's specific ski, some say you can mount the men's a bit forward and it doesn't make a difference. I like the light weight of the women's (BIG difference for carrying through parking lot) but wonder if MY weight is too much for that kind of ski. I've been looking at Atomic Balanze 5 or 7, Izor 5 or 7, a TiPuls if it's not too fat for our lack of powder, Fischer RX 6 or anything else that reviews well for an intermediate skier looking to improve carving abilities and keep control if the ski breaks out into a run on a steeper hill.
Looking at the 160-168 range. Current old Fischer Revolutions 160 didn't suit me well last year but my boot was too big on the right foot as well. Maybe it'll be fine with the new boots.

176 seems long for an intermediate skier almost the same height as me, but maybe males go longer?
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