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In need of Steamboat advice please...

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Hi I know everyone wants a crystal ball to see the future but typically how are conditions first week of April at SB? I searched and saw a variety of opinions. I know SB has a lower elevation than most CO resorts and south facing slopes as well.

My dilemma is I can get an AWESOME lodging/lift ticket package for my daughter and I as well as use frequent flyer miles for round trip flights to Hayden Airport from EWR (one leg non-stop!). It would cost us like $725 all in (and 50K miles) for plane fare, transfers, lodging, and lift tickets for three days skiing and four nights ski in/ski out. Problem is once you book with SB you are on the hook and conditions could be dicey.

I am wondering if I am better off using the 50K miles and flying into Denver or Eagle and skiing the higher Summit County or front range resorts. Cost of skiing/lodging would be considerably more though.

Can any SB or Colorado vets give me advice on what I should do??? I am already going to SLC the first week of February so this trip is "gravy" so to speak. If going earlier in the year would be markedly better, well there's always 2008!!!

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Conditions can be terrible or great. Seriously, it's hit or miss... there is no such thing as "typical" conditions for that time period... we've had decent storms in the past and we've had barely enough snow to get to the bottom. However, it is April, so expect spring conditions most anywhere and if it snows, you got lucky.

Vail, Summit Cnty, and WP are only about an 1 1/2 to 2 hrs away, so easy daytrips.
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Go for it! It can get mighty slushy at the bottom, but other than that, it's a nice place.
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The boat is awesome! The mountain is large and has a lot of terrain. There is also a lot to do off-mountain.
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I know the mountain is great...especially for a few days with my daughter. I just wonder if I should save the miles and just go there next Dec, Jan, Feb, or EARLY March to hit it when conditions will absolutely be better. They do have these same late season deals also during the early season so perhaps Dec 2007 just before Xmas would be the way to go.

If I am going to use 50K miles and travel out west I would rather go when chances are we would have real western snow conditions (powder/packed powder). We get enough FG, LFG, slush, ice/hardpack, mud (currently), mashed potatoes and corn in the East...although nice spring corn can be really enjoyable!!!!
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The last couple years, the family and I went to steamboat around that time. (last week of March first week of April.) Each trip was two or three days. Both times we got some nice fresh snow (although there where also days of Spring conditions too.) SBoat has a pretty good vert, so if it is slushy/icy on the bottom, it is often fairly good on top. Steamboat is a great ski area, with great trees. Go for it.
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