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To keep or sell my new skis? (bit of a long one)

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Hi guys -

I've confused myself a bit and could do with some advice ski wise - first, here's a potted background..

Started skiing when I was 10, went for yearly trips with family + group for 3 years - had very little confidence, could parralell turn reasonably well.

Went again at 17 with a group again, took snowblades as I thought they'd be fun and less hassle to carry around. Had a nightmare trying to skid and slide around the mountain. Didn't enjoy myself.

Perservered at 18 with another trip with 1 friend rather than a big group, still on snowblades, who was considerably better and way more confident than me. Presented with the option of drive my friend crazy or just quit worrying and go for it, I managed the latter and by the end of the week finished up skiing a lot more aggressively, carving and basically improved a lot.

Going out for an 8 week trip this season (1 in Fernie then 6+ in the Alps, fwiw) and after spending every day at work reading ski forums, managed to peer-pressure myself into ditching the "gayblades" (though I still like them!), I decided I really want to transition to full length skis. I bought some Salomon Streetracer 10's since they looked similar to my blades (same manufacturer, sounded easy to carve on).

Problem with skiing forums is you learn a lot while there's no snow - obviously reading reviews and opinions on forums has given me the impression these skis are a bit rubbish for the price! Plus, the consensus seems to be "try then buy in resort" - though I'm not confident that my ability on full length skis, after cracking it on blades, is good enough to compare skis yet.

So, after that monster intro - two questions:

Do I sell these skis and buy in resort? Money isn't really an issue, fwiw.

How difficult will the transition to full-length skis be? I think getting used to poles again will be odd! Any advice on this would be appriciated

Sorry about the length!

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Don't sell, keep for another time. Rent good ski's to demo so that you can experiance different length and construction. Get a first day lesson. learning on your own is abusive.
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I tried the streetracer 10s on hardpack and found them to be rubbish. They could be totally different on soft snow in Fernie though. Their Equipe line is much better.
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Definately go to a resort!! You don't have to buy there if there are less expensive options elsewhere, but at least use a resort demo program to decide what you want to buy. By demoing at a resort, you can test many differnt skis on the same day, so you are elminating many of the variable that can affect the ski and your performance, such as terain, snow conditions, temp, weather. At the resort demo you can keep these variable constant which will alow you to more acurately test each ski. If you do find somthing you like many resorts will remove the demo rental price from the purchase price, and on hardgoods they are often very competitive on prices. You may even find you prefer your current skis, in which case you are only out the rental prices and you have the piece of mind that you have tried many other skis and those are the ski for you.
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