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Boot Buckle Adjustment??

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I have been in new Salomon X-Wave 8's just 3 times. The first 2 times out I was comfortable all day. The 3rd time out the boots felt tight up around the calve muscle. The buckle is adjusted as long as it can be, therefore, I cannot open it up anymore.
My question is.....Can the buckle come off and be exchanged for a longer one??

I intend to go back to the fitter to discuss this problem this weekend.
Any input here?? Thanks.
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If the catch (sorry, can't remember the proper word) was in its original position when you bought it, there should be another mounting point for it on the cuff, allowing you a bit more room.
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I understand.
The little allen screw is in it's last spot. There is no more adjustment. In order to get anymore adjustment, it seems to me, would be a longer buckle. An exchange, so to speak.
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try a loop of bailing wire between the buckle and the catch. That will give you extra length.
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Mithras. Oohhh ya. That would be a solution. Good one. Thanks.
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go back to your fitter and have him move the buckle. he'll simply drill a new hole. they do this all the time so shouldn't be a problem at all.
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the waves have 3 holes for the catch. is it at the longest? (allan key)

is the micro adjustment on the buckle at the max?

is the rear spoiler removed? (behind the power strap)

add a small metal extender on the catch.
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I talked to the fitter on the phone today. Without looking at it he says he most likely can drill another hole. I'll see him Saturday for an adjustment.

mntlion.....Yes to all 3 questions.

Thanks for the replies.
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I just got out of the X-Wave 8W, and my opinion was that they ran really small in the upper cuff area and were quite tall (which was completely wrong for my feet & legs). Definitely spend some time talking with your bootfitter, he may be able to do more than just move the buckle over. Mine suggested actually cutting the back of the cuff for more room, but I got new boots instead.

Good Luck!
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Boy Scout Mom......thanks for the reply.

I actually like a tall boot. I don't like tight!!! The fitter will do his work tomorrow. I'll let you know what he does.
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I took my boots to the fitter today. He simply opened up a couple of buckles to give me more adjustment.

Now I try them and see how they feel. No big deal here, I just hope to stay away from that tight tight buckle feeling around my calves.
I hate it that feeling. Should be good to go.
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Originally Posted by Sugaree View Post
opened up a couple of buckles .

??? so what parts did he more then?
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He moved what I call the ankle buckle on a 4 buckle boot. This buckle had a hole for the screw.

The top buckle he left alone for now because in the shop on that day I had adjustment. If I need the top buckle moved that will be more work to him. There is not another hole and there is not a lot of plastic for him to put a hole. He would have to do some grinding to set the buckle into the plastic and could place the buckle with about 3/8" more adjustment.

I've been eating right and working out as of late and I think this will help the fit up around the calve, where my problems have been. I have confidence in this guy. I agreed to the work he did and I agreed to the work he didn't do. He sent me on my way with an invite back with any further problems. He's been fitting boots for over 30 years.
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