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to tattoo or not to tattoo?

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now say that 3 times fast!
I think the winter makes us skiiers a little stir crazy. I've been contemplating a tattoo. Of what I do not know. Any thoughts on tats?
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the rossi old school symbol w/ the coque & the skis on the shoulder of a buff skier girl would make me melt.
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Just took an inking for the second time last Sunday. It's a Chinese symbol meaning "winter". The nice thing about it is since it was just one character and all black... It wasn't too expensive. When you start getting detailed work (and it's worth it) with lots of colors, the price goes up. My first tat is smaller, but is more detailed, so it cost more.

My new "do" is about as big as my hand and on the back of my right calf. This hurt a ton more than the one on my shoulder, so keep things like that in mind. My wife has one on her lower back and it didn't seem to bother her too much. And it's sort of sexy.

Anyway. If you're into it, the Oriental style tattoos are pretty cool. Coi, Dragons, Letters, and Samurai are popular. thing to keep in mind is this. A tattoo is something very personal and should reflect what you are about... because it's there forever and the process itself requires a "right of passage", so to speak. So good luck! Make sure you get it done at a reputable shop. If they don't wear gloves and sterilize equipment, WALK AWAY!

2 cents, Spag
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Been thinking about a ski tat for a while, just never been able to come up with something that I think is cool enough to have forever. If anyone has any sample drawings of a cool ski idea for ink, let me know. Been thinking of something with Double Diamonds or small mountain range, but can't draw myself or at least get across any ideas. Please, help me mark my body for life.....<FONT size="1">

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A snowflake design about the size of the palm of your hand?
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Why? Have you seen what tattoos look like 20 years later? Not only that, do you really know something you definitely will love 40 years from now? Fashions, tastes, fads, etc. change but tattoos are forever (unless you want to spend a ton of money having them removed). I was lucky. All the things I thought were so cool in my teens and 20s were not permanent so I could change them later and deny ever doing. If you are thinking of a tattoo get one of those henna designs....they eventually wear off.
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I've never heard of these "henna designs" that you're talking about. What are they? How long do they last? Do they have a website? Thanks. Matt
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I've also heard of the henna designs; I think they are a tradition of India. Anyway, this fashion for tattoos makes me laugh. Oh, it's so trendy, so radical, so hip and cool or rebellious. Then how come my FATHER has so many of 'em???

(Navy thing, I know. I thought they were icky then -- now there's a technical term for ya -- and I still do. Nothing like Dad having done it first to make you think it cannot possibly be cool. Oh, and he had a motorbike, too. A Kawasaki actually. I fell off of it once, and I do not recall him having it much longer after that. My mother musta had a fit. Musta been 8 or something.)


Dante non ha mai immaginato questo cerchio dell'inferno!
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I agree with the permanency view, and future misinterpretation of a tatoo's intent.
I can understand a discreet tatoo; your regiment etc. I have a friend with a small maple leaf/olympic rings 'too on his shoulder, 'cause it was a lifetime achievement to be a member of the olympic team.
But walking around the beach, as a sagging middle aged, Queequig with the excesses of youth broadcast over body....kinda loses its cool!
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I could never understand why people would want an image that they would never hang on their wall stuck permanently in their skin.
I know that Marcus Camby (NY Knicks) has a series of Asian characters tatooed on him, and whoever did it ended up spelling the phrase incorrectly, so now he's stuck with something incoherent (not that he or most others could tell the difference).
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Thanks so much Pierre, the last couple times my plane was hijacked by an anti-capitalist, anti-leisure fundamentalist group representing the worlds poor I was lucky enough to escape unharmed, but if I were to go ahead and get that tattoo I might not be as fortunate next time.

A Henna tattoo will last about a month depending on how you care for it, my 9 year old sister got one when we were in Mexico so unless you want to look like a little girl i don't think it's really an option.

By the way ti, is the Rossi old school symbol w/ the "coque" really what I think it is?? I figure that one is for the ladies.
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>>>By the way ti, is the Rossi old school symbol w/ the "coque" really what I think it is?? I figure that one is for the ladies<<<

Oh, I don't know, g-dubs... I always thought that guys like to be known as the rooster (coque)...
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Tattoos aren't for everyone --- I however have lots, and currently working on a sleeve for my leg. All of my tats are memories of some event or time in my live that i want to remember. In the sad event of having to grow up sometimes in life (ie. weddinds, funeruls, job interviews...), I am able to conceal my tattoos, not be cause i am ashamed of them, but because of the narrowmindedness of the people I sometimes have to deal with, to the likes of some of the folks on this board. Thankfully I am employed by a company that doesn't judge me by my ink work, or make me be someone I am not.

Ink is a good thing. As for it not being art I would hang on my wall... well that is crap, I have drawn most of my own flash, and I have it hanging on other peoples walls, and flesh.
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Atta boy, Freakin*. There certainly are some stereotypical folks out there. Hi. My name is Spag and I have tattoos on my body. I've always had problems getting jobs because of them, and most of the people I meet turn and run away screaming. I noticed that my IQ dropped significantly after getting the tattoos and I doubt I'll ever gain the respect required to reach any sort of management position in the ski industry. I sure wish I hadn't let someone draw a dragon on my back. Whatever will I do now! (vomit!)

Some of you are right... Tattoos aren't for everyone, but they are for me. And like Freakin*, I'm not now, nor will I ever be ashamed of them. Like I said, they are a very PERSONAL expression. Discreet or not! If you don't like Tattoos, DON'T GET ONE. If you don't like this thread, go to another.

Spag's quote of the day:
"Turn it down, you say. Well all I gotta say when you tell me 'TURN IT DOWN', is say NO! (NO!) NO! NO! NO!"
- Twisted Sister "I Wanna Rock!" -<FONT size="1">

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Spag, you don't like stereotypes, yet you assume that freakin* is a male. Pretty funny, (not that I'm immune from such behavior m'self......)<FONT size="1">

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Sorry to dissapoint ...
I am a woman in a management position at a ski resort... I run around in sandals all summer long, and several tats are visable.
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nevermind.<FONT size="1">

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Why forever?

You can remove them later, if you do not like them....

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Freakin is a chic???? Man whats with all the androgenous names on this board. I thought it was just the boarder chics who did that.
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I like Tattoos. I have 5. They have come pretty evenly spaced over the last 20 yrs and I don't regret any. I have two that are ski/mtn related. They make me feel unique and cool. As Freakin said, They can symbolize events in your life, and have strong personal meaning.

I would recommend a flaming skull with a bat in it's teeth to start. Make sure you show your Mom when it's very fresh before it scabs over
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Hmm, I don't know. I can't really form a strong opinion on this.

What I do know is that on a one night stand, say, a tatto would be quite sexy and cool. That said, I wouldn't want my girlfriend to have one. Does that make sense?

Incidentally, that may have created the wrong impression. I do have a girlfriend and I do not go around having one night stands with tattooed women. It was just the only way I could get a handle on this.

So I'd say that they have the ability to be sexy (if small, subtle and inoffensive) but can also be a major eyesore. You have to be very careful about what and where. If you are committed to it, my personal non-tattoo-afficionado advice would be to get a small one on your shoulder blade or in the small of your back. Not your arms or your ankle. Too tacky in my opinion.

An oriental symbol would be cool, but beware - a friend of mine had the name of her boyfriend tattooed in chinese on her leg and now he's not her boyfriend anymore.

No butterflies - too cliched. No dragons for the same reason. try something original or individual to you.

I'd go for the Volant V emblazoned across my chest and the Machete symbol etched on the back of my bum.



Pass me a bottle, Mr Jones...
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Did anyone see the article on the guy who was buried in the avalanche in California (?), was close to passing out when the rescue dog found him and dug him out. He got a tattoo of the dog "Doc" on his chest.
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Saw something on the news recently that said something like 30% of people with tattoos got hepatitis along with their tattoo.
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Now the front of the bum might be real painful!
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Tatoos are so '90s. If you really want to make a personal statement about philosophy, art, skiing and your place in the universe in the neew millenium, my advice is to go with a nose ring.
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Funny - I think nose piercings are so 90's.
Nipples are so much more personal and pleasurable.
now if you really want to be cool and different try branding. Its been around forever on cows and such.
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interesting discussion...
I'm in no big hurry to get one, I might just wait until the winter because the sun fades a new tattoo. HOw long dfoes it take to heal? I like thhe idea of the chinese symbol for winter! It would also be cool to get one of a sun or mountains. I would get it on my lower back.
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I think classy tatoos are neat. Personal choice, you know! The old Rossi and Volant symbol ideas are interesting.

I have a friend of mine who has Winnie the Pooh, Piglet, Tigger and Rabbit all dancing around his left upper arm. He rarely gets negative comments about that... It's pretty cool!

I don't have any, and probably never will, because my lily white body is so darn sensative to sunburn, certain dyes & perfumes, etc. Thank goodness sunblock works!

For instance, I can only wear stainless steel or platinum jewelry. Gold, silver, etc. and I get a rash.

Lily white body? Forget it, I have freckles and moles.

Visit me here >>>SnoKarver

<FONT size="1">

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You could always connect the moles, constellation-like. I gotta friend who has a rooster dancing on the end of a rope (as in strung up) below his knee cap. The entendre is obvious...but he used to win alot of bar bets!
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Wow, don't ask me where I found this old post! I have been away all summer and it snice to be back on EpicSki (even though I don't post every day) Well, believe it or not, on Septmeber 11th (a few weeks ago) I got a tattoo. It is a realistic looking maple leaf on my ankle. wicked. I find it pretty interesting now going back and reading what everyone had to say. And it's true.. tattoos are addicting. I'm already planning my next one.. a snowflake on my lower back. Anyone else get any "additions" over the summer?
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