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The Challenge

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I would like your thoughts on this...

Anything you do there are plateaus and breakthroughs.

Breakthroughs always come with hard work (ie pain)

This season I decided to stack and learn my way to the next level. Part of that to me was doing a rail (by the way no matter how sharp your edges, they just don't cut into steel ).

But it was great challenging myself in a totally new way. Would have been better if there had been someone to give me some advice. Caught up with old ski school friends some of whom are totally amazing skiers, and always in response to my question "do you want to try a rail with me" I got a firm NO.

Seems us skiers are on the back foot attitude wise - so many snowboarders sitting on their ass at the top of the terrain park with this "what the f* is that skier doing here" minset, that apart from the very best we leave that terrain to them.


Time to reclaim the mountain...............

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When I was a kid I was extrememely angered by the fact that most mountains, at least here in the east, did not allow skiers in the park or pipe at all. I felt it was unjust, I still do. I was 13 and wanted to do tricks dammit!

But as I've softened with a little age (like a french cheese : ) I find that I'm perfectly comfortable with the idea of having three trails at a resort (one for each ability level) designated skiers only, and three trails designated boarders only. Obviously they would have to be brand new trails. I remember going to Loon Mountain about 5 years ago and being kicked off of one of my favorite trails (Lower Flying Fox) because it had been turned into a snowboarders only park.

It isn't right to allow skiers or boarders on certain terrain and then not allow out it. But brand new trails, cut just for boarders and just for skiers (not too many, just enough to keep the die hards of each sport happy) would be very nice.

Obviously not every resort can just cut new trails like that. Many are on public land, or don't have the rescources, but for those resorts that do have the option available to them it would be really nice, and would keep all but the most vocal kermudgeons happy.
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Yeah its an unfortunate situation, I remember being abused by snowboarders from the quad above the terrain park in Thredbo one year cause according to them "the park is for boarders" I just ignored them and went on my merry way, but where do they get these ideas from, the mountain is open to everyone!

However full marks for the willingness to try new things!

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They had a rinky dink half pipe set up at 49 Degrees North in Chewelah, WA when I was skiing there 6 years ago. I was not a good skier by any means, but I went in it quite a bit. Even if I went straight down the middle, I had as much right to be there as the next guy.

I never had a boarder care if I was in there or not. I'm sure some of them shook their heads, but everyone takes turns, and it was just "someone else's turn" when I went in.

That was so : . Why not experiment with what you can do? Go for it!

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I'm going to try out the terrain park at my resort this year. Atleast the beginners one. Then maybe the bigger one by next season.
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I love the park, though I haven't tried sliding rails due to the fact that I'm still the one paying for my skis (no endorsements yet ).

I would go so far as to say that skiers can do/are doing everything in the park that knuckledraggers are, and looking cooler while doing it. There's really nowhere that I've been in the last few years where I've felt excluded.

Bottom line, if you drop in to the pipe, or line up for a jump when there are others around, 8 out of 10 people will give you your props just for stepping up, no matter what gear you ride.
10 of 10 if you actually stick your landing [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]

Think McConkey worries about this crap?
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Originally posted by Xdog:

Think McConkey worries about this crap?
Think anyone here can ski like McConkey? [img]graemlins/evilgrin.gif[/img]
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