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Cheap Motels at Mammoth

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Thinking about tagging a long weekend at Mammoth Thursday night - Sat. night on a business trip to Los Angeles next week. Called the Motel 6 where I stayed before and their weekend rate is $119. I stayed there last year $50 a night. Yea I know I'm cheap but I'm by myself and all I need is a horizontal sleeping surface and a shower and hot water. Anyplace else in Mammoth I could call. Anybody skiing there Jan. 12-14?
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It's MLK weekend, that's why the rates are so high. Try this:

Also, you can drive down to Bishop or Big Pine after skiing Saturday, it's much cheaper.
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Thanks Miles. Bishop drive is about 40 miles, so that's not too bad. I'll be up early due to my body being on eastern std. time so having a little drive in the AM to the mtn. not a big deal.

What can I expect regarding lift lines on MLK weekend. I'm afraid I know the answer.
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Mammoth's lift capacity has been upgraded so much that lines are shorter than most big destination resorts, even at peak periods.

With the following caveats:
1) If weather shuts down the upper lifts, the lower lifts and terrain will be more crowded.
2) Locals report less than ideal conditions at the moment due to almost no snow in November and a slightly below average December. With only about 60% of terrain skiable, the rest is going to be more crowded on a holiday.

MLK will be my first trip up there this season. My son was there Dec. 28-31 and caveat #2 is based upon his observations plus those on the Mammoth Forum.
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Made my reservations this AM. Got the last room at the fabulous Motel 6 at Mammoth. I'm in there Thursday - Friday night skiing Fri.-Sun. then heading down to Los Angeles Sunday PM. Need to keep calling for Sat. night reservation that is still sold out, but Bishop if worse comes to worse back up plan for Sat. night. Hopefully it starts snowing again and my timing is good.

Looking forward to it, our winter here in Pa. has gone from bad to worse to now I'm afraid non existent.
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