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I picked up my new 05/06 model SX-B5's today which gave me an opportunity to compare the weight of the their lighter Neox 412's to that on my 04/05 Metron B5's & M:EX's.

The bindings on the SX's are definately the new model as indicated by the date on the box & them having the 'honeycomb' pattern on the toe pieces etc.

What's interesting is that there is absolutely NO difference in weight between the toe & heel pieces of both models, with a pair of toe & heel pieces weighing in at 1900g/4lb 3ozs when weighed on a set of digital postage scales of known accuracy.

So IF there is an actual weight difference between the two models then it must be in the metal used in the mounting rail. The shiny metal rail on the 04/05 skis looks & feels like steel whilst the metal in the rail on the SX's is a dull matt colour, presumably an alloy? The rail screws on my both of the Metrons have been glued in so I wasn't keen on removing a rail to compare to one of the the SX rails.

This is a bit of a bummer as the UK budget airlines are introducing tighter weight restriction limits on all luggage so any weight saving really helps. My plan is to take one pair of toe & heels pieces, which would have been the new lighter model, in my carry-on bag & I can then get both the SX's & M:Ex's in my double bag sans bindings to get within the ski bag weight limits. I can still do this but would I really wanted the weight saving to be in my carry-on bag.