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Look out Colorado... here we come!

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Well, the wife, cat, and I are headed toward Denver tomorrow morning to take up new residence there. We had the closing for the sale of our house this morning and we'll be hitting the road tomorrow to start a journey across most of the country to our new home in the high country. It's been a fun 10 years that we've lived here in the Hampton Roads of Virginia, but it's time to move where the winter is! If you guys don't mind keeping the bad weather away until we arrive safely that'd be great. Once we get there it's ok to get some more dumpage! lol I can't wait to get there and we'll see some of you on the mountain soon!

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Safe journey! Your post brings back fond memories! These will be some of the most exciting days of your life!
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woo-hoo, another one joins the gang! Best of luck and watch out for the drive across the icy plains of Kansas. Making the big move was the best thing I ener did (ok, 2nd best thing after marrying LM)
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Congrats Mike and Tiff....have a safe trip and see you guys here later this season.
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Have a good trip, and welcome to the good life!
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You know there's jgiddyup and Lars's ski gathering starting this Sunday, right? The unpacking may have to wait until...oh, say May!
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Congratulations and have a safe trip Mike and we'll see you out there!
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Safe travels and good luck on your new life adventure.
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I'll send Shadow the Wonder Dog down to help you unpack. She'll make short order of all your extra wrapping paper! See you at LGC 2.5!
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Welcome! Hope to see you on the Hill! Is Sunday soon enough?
Don't forget to stop & see the Five legged Cow as you pass through Colby Kansas! Have a safe trip!
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Thanks for the warm welcome and well wishes! Unfortunately Sunday/Monday will be too soon for us to hit the hill. I commited the ultimate ski sin and separated my ski bag from me by throwing it in the PODS when we packed, so I won't even be able to get it until Thursday. Faisal, I may be able to get out a day or so before the LGC 2.5 gathering, we'll see. Otherwise I'm sure that'll be the first time that Tiff and I both will make it up to the mountains.

See ya in a few days!
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Welcome to Denver
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We'll be there tomorrow. Decided to really take our time with the drive and have stopped in Colby, KS for the night. I know we're close to Denver, but wanted to save the last piece of drive for tomorrow during the day since roads may be a little iffy and we can't get into our apartment until Monday anyways. Not to mention... tomorrow will be the best birthday ever pulling into Denver to stay!
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Ah, Colby Kansas, the "Oasis on the Prairie". Brings back memories - I stopped there on my moving-here drive almost exactly 2 years ago, after fighting fatigue and an encroaching ice storm. My last stop before arriving home for the first time too. It's a good last stop.

Drive safe - the eastern plains can be pretty nasty in the winter.
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I've done this drive a few times....sort of.....the nicest toll collecter is the one in the far left booth....avoid the second guy to the right.

Stop to see the 5 legged cow, as well as the worlds largest prairie dog and the world's largest ball of string.

Pot hole at Mile Marker 306.

Stop at the 75 cent car wash in Colby.....just past where the old Walmart used to be....it's on the left. There may be enough time to wash and rince the Beemer is you move quick Mike....Tiff....sorry 1.50 for you on the truck...the thing moves fast.

Gas is cheaper in Goodland than Colby so make your last fill-up there or stretch it to the new Shell station in Eastern most CO.

Bossleman's Truck stop for breakfast.

and I wouldn't worry about the cannon on the hillside on the south side of the highway at Marshall field....I've never seen them shoot at any of the traffic on the hwy..though it is aimed there....but then again...

you both were Navy.....good luck:
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Thanks G, but I just filled up with gas here in Colby after two Fat Tires and a Buffalo Sirloin at Montana Mike's. Maybe we'll check out the mutant cow, etc. before we leave town in the am.

BTW, the bimmer was sold when I left active duty back in June. I knew I was going to take a paycut when I entered the "real world" so I got rid of it. We're together in our QC Ram 4x4 pulling a small UHaul trailer.

We'll keep an eye out for the cannon. Maybe I'll stop and let Tiff school them on real explosives. lol
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Hope you have a safe Drive!

Welcome to Denver!!!!

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Kind of a cool way to celebrate your birthday too!
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I guess that you have already passed through or over KY but I'll wave and wish you well anyway.
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Well, we're the newest residents of the Denver metro area now. Actually, we won't get into our apartment until tomorrow, but we're here. I-70 from West Kansas into CO weren't too bad. There were a few sections that were a bit snow packed, etc. but not bad considering what came through just a week or so ago.

Can't wait to get together with some old friends and meet some new. Now we just need to get everything unpacked and into the new place... oh yeah, and find jobs too!
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Welcome, enjoy, and on the way up I70, remember: keep your speed up, or stay in the righthand lane.

If you make it to Loveland, look for me. I'm the guy in the brown bear hat.

Cya !!!
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