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Are AC4 too much ski for me?

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before I found these forums I went and bought some new skis last weekend. I have been skiing on K2 Mod X for last 6 years. I decided I would be skiing more this year (20+ times Mt Hood, Mt Bachelor etc) due to having more free time. Anyways I am an impulsive person so I wound up with a new pair of 177 AC4 from a local ski shop whose salesperson convinced me these were the skis for me.

I have been skiing for 25 years. I ski 10-20 days a year, sometimes more. I am 6' 2, 220 lbs. I would say I am a solid level 7 skiier. Love fast groomers, powder when I can find it and some off piste. I have slowed down over the last few years and am much less aggresive than I used to be. i am strong and confident but by no means an expert IMHO. I can mix it up with fast quick slalom turns, GS type turns and really enjoy going fast. After reading these forums I am now thinking AC3 maybe the ski for me. i have the skis(AC4) sitting here in my apt mounted and ready to go but can get some AC3 down the street and sell the AC4 or return them to REI.

Thanks for your comments and help in advance!
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I skied the 177cm AC4 last year and think its a great ski. I'm also your size and think you should be very happy with the ski. Enjoy!

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I think you'll be fine...

Well, they're not the most friendly ski but based on your size and experience I think you'll really enjoy them. Also, more than a couple skiers on this forum (do a search for recent reviews), have found the AC3s to be fairly stiff, and potentially harder to ski than the AC4s.


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I also have the AC4 in 177. I just took them to Hood a couple of times during the holidays and loved them. They can do just about anything well (save big moguls but you can still manage). I am 6' 170 lbs and I have no problem with this length. From everything I have heard, they ski a bit short. These skis just want to go fast, maybe too fast.
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At your size, I would have gone for the 184s.
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I think you'll be just fine.

Hope to see you at Hood some time soon and welcome.
I can't believe all the blower I'm going to be skiing this week at Hood.
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Originally Posted by Borat View Post
At your size, I would have gone for the 184s.
Seconded. However, you should be okay with 177's. They'll be a bit more maneuverable.
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Depends on...

These are an aggressive ski and should be skiied aggressively but...

If you tune them with less side bevel and (1 or 2 degrees) and less base bevel (.5 degree) they may be a bit more user friendly.

The skiis maybe just what you need to push yourself to pick it up a notch.

On the other hand...

The AC4's are hard to come by (at least here in the east) so you may be able to sell it without taking a big loss. If you can get a sweet deal on the ac3's you could come out ahead with what sounds like a more apporpriate ski for your level.

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I picked up a pair of 05/06 AC4 in a 177 used this season. Absolutely phenomenal ski, extremely versatile. I am probably a level 8 skier with some sloppy habits, as I just got back on skis 2 yrs ago after a long layoff. I switched from a 2003 Rossi Bandit X in 177 and this ski is better in every possibly way. Had them out in Utah for a week of skiing, and they really were good in almost all conditions. The only problem was with my size, they were kind of a handfull in knee deep or higher pow, but really that isn't ever going to be what the ski is designed for anyway. A really good crud ski though, and also held well on slicker areas. This ski is supposed to be my east-west 1 ski quiver, so obviously compromise is involved (eastern trees are why i'mon a 177 instead of 184) but I was really thrilled with the performance. Also, I really didn't find it to be that demanding a ski, even in moderately sized bumps with cruddy refrozen troughs.

Oh, BTW, I am 6'1 and 200lbs, 30 yrs old if that helps
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