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Are my skis broken?

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I have a pair of Blizzard CMX 10 iQ's, I bought them earlier this season, and they've been fantastic thus far. A few weeks ago at Killington, I was hit from behind by a snowboader while I was stopped. Unknown to me at the time, the back of my skis were damaged near the binding. The bindings mount on a "track" and it's the rear part of the track that is damaged. There's still a bolt holding the binding down, but I'm still kinda nervous. One of the sides of the track is shredded up, and broke off. My question is, is it going to affect the ski in any way, or is it just cosmetic?

I've posted pictures of the damaged skis.


The damage is on the left side where the binding meets the ski.


Compare to the other side.


The other ski has minor damage.


All comments will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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Looks like the snowboard edge sheared off the rear-most part of the track. The track itself is integrated into the ski structure and assuming the binding is not lifting or wobbling more than the undamaged on, is probably OK. There are clearly cracks and penetrations in the top-sheet that will eventually allow moisture to damage the core.

I would take this ski to where you bought it if possible and ask if they can arrange for a warranty replacement. They may or may not be able to do that, but would most likely have suggestions on how to seal the damage, and can judge whether the attachment is so compromised you should stop using it.
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Just out of curiousity...

...did you report this incident to the Patrol? The reason I mention this is that I got a broken collarbone and a mild concussion almost exactly the same way at Keystone a few years back...
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