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Arcteryx Sidewinder SV

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Today was some of the most extreme weather conditions at whistler. It was pouring rain from bottom to mid mtn. Blizzard conditions with 100+kph winds up higher. Conditions were severe that they had to shut down all the lifts by noon.

It was like jumping into a cold shower with all your clothes on, then going through a blast freezer on your way up the lift. Everyone was drenched from head to toe. The only positive thing about today was how the Arcteryx sidewinder held up. I could not believe how the jacket (and minuteman pants) held under to such extreme weather conditions. It kept me dry the whole time. Any other jacket would have soaked through. Water was pooling on the the jacket, the chair seats were puddles of slush & water. I was just waiting for the water to penetrate & soak through, but it never did. Amazing !!.... They are definitely waterproof!!
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Yep. Arctertyx gear is the best.
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Love my Theta
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All good quality Gore-Tex outerwear should (and will) hold up under these conditions. "Guaranteed to keep you dry", you know... Arcteryx gear is very good, but there is nothing magical about it.

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How would you compare the Sidewinder to the Theta?
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I would pay extra to sit on a chairlift in my sidewinder here in the east. It is very breathable in the 60 degree rain
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