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'05 Metron 9's, or rent demos?

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I'm trying to decide between upgrading my old skis or renting demos for the few precious days out.

I'm 41 years old, 5'11, 170 lbs, and probably an advanced level 7 skier (maybe low 8 on good days.) I've been skiing Volkl Cross Ranger 190 cm for several years as my first shapped ski, and have been happy. But they are too big for skiing with my 12 year old daughter, and I'm looking for something lighter and easier to turn, but will still handle her ski-school days when I'm out with buddies in the bowls/moguls/trees.

Every year, I ski about 6 days out west and 3-4 days in Pennsylvania/West Virginia. I'm not worried about matching up with the eastern days, as I'm usually picking up knee-biters on the bunny hill.

I saw a new pair of 2005 Atomic Metron 9's 171 cm for less than $300 (including bindings and poles). Should I go for them? Much more expensive than that, and I'll rent demos for next trip to Tahoe. Any advice is welcome.

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That's a good price but the wrong ski at a good price isn't a bargain. I also wouldn't describe any of the Metrons as being a light ski. I am perhaps a bit contrarian with regard to the Metrons: they were billed as the "next great thing" in skis and when I demo'd them, I didn't really care for them (and my older skis were Atomics). My vote would be to rent/demo unless you are really confident that you would love the Metrons. Other more recent Metron users might be more insightful; at your weight, I'm not sure about the length for you (it's very different than the length for a less shaped ski).
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Thanks. There's a demo day next week, so maybe I'll be able to try out the 07's for a comparison. Any other skis you recommend?
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I am in the same boat as you, one year later. Bro in law bought breckenridge ski in out house in late '05. Time to get back in ski game!!

I live in Cleveland and would say I am same basic level skier as you, 48, 175#

Demo'd the following in Breck for 5 days Jan 06. M9's, Volkl 5 stars, Nordica Hot Rod Nitrous, Rossi Bandit B2's, Dynastar 8000's, one ski per day, traded sizes within skis a couple of times.

5 stars, and Nitrous didn't like a lot, 8000's were favorites, M9's close second, B2's felt too "light" and just didn't fit my style. Wanted to buy 8000's but price is a factor, couldn't find any reasonable deals, bought the M9's in 171cm's at end of last season for $350 shipped with bindings. Fair deal. Have skied them once so far this year. Going to Breck 1/24-29.
I really like them and would recommend them.

However, I had a blast renting the demo skis last year and comparing. No doubt they ski differently and some you for sure would like, others dislike, and probably most would feel OK. When you can do the same run one day apart, or even the same day with a different demo ski, you can tell some things apart. That is how I decided what I wanted to purchase. If you can get good demos lined up with what you think you want to purchase, try that. I spent about $40 per day and it was well worth it. If I wanted to buy the ski at the demo place, the $40 was applied, but pricing was ridiculous. No sale. Also, if you want specific skis to demo, you will likely have to go to a couple rental shops. No big deal if you are at major ski area, however a small hassle after skiing daily, the return and re rent. But it worked for me. My .02
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I ski the M9 at 164cm. I am 5'10'' and 175lbs. I like the ski a lot. it does everything for me in the Sierras with the exception of deep powder. I am not quite as accomplished a skier as you tho. I think I got mine on line for $399 with bindings at the end of the 05 season. Seems like a lot of folks really like the metrons but a lot around here are switching brands also. I love the convenience of not renting and also of doing my own tuning.
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I have to agree with Alberto in that buying the wrong ski is no bargain. I ski the M9 (in a 157) myself and it is a wonderful ski. I weigh 160 am 5'-7" and am a level 6-7.

IM0 the 171 could be too long for you depending on a number of factors. However, at less than $300 you won't lose any money. The M9 is a quick turning ski, not light tho. And it skis longer than regular shaped skis. I'd consult the Metron Sizing chart before buying.
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Gooday dav,

I also ski a 171cm M-9. It's a good all-around ski. I thought it was a little heavy but had great edge hold and can handle a fair amount of speed. PS-I'm old. Works for me in deep/wet snow.
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