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Review: K2 Nancy's

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Promise this'll be shorter than my last review. I had a chance to demo the K2 Nancy's in a 171cm at Blackcomb on Saturday afternoon.

Conditions by the time of the demo were about 5-10cm of fresh that had been chopped up in most spots. Took them out on some groomers, some tree stuff, powder when I could find it, and even onto a little recreational race course. I'm 5'6", 145lbs, female skiier, currently skiing on the Head Sweet Fat Thang and the Volkl G2 20-20. About a low level 8 skier according to the nice ranking that someone posted recently on another thread.

One word: BOooORING. Like having two of the ski patrol sleads stuck on your feet - sleds full of rocks... Felt like you should smack them around a little to wake them up a little bit, but you eventually just lose interest in making them do anything interesting. They'll go fairly quickly when pressed, and could turn effectively enough down even the racecourse, but all in all - heavy, dull, too damp (never thought I'd say that). Blegth.

If you are considering this ski please demo it first to decide whether or not you like it. You may see something in it that I didn't, but please demo to make sure. On the other hand - my ski buddy in the afternoon tried the K2 One Luv's and the Head Wild Thang - Lovin' the Luv's. Says they're nice and responsive, damp, nimble and stable - she's more of a finesse skiier than me, lighter, lacking confidence, speed and some technique, but the Luv's did great things for her speed and confidence (technique can come later - I just want her to have fun). The Wild Thang's were a bit much for her - she liked the dampness and stability, but they tended to get away from her a bit.

That wasn't really a shorter post - I have a tendancy to ramble obviously.

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Thanks for posting this Mog. Unfortunately that's been my opinion of most of the K2 women's line. I just bought the Sugar Daddy's for my pow ski, give those a shot!
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Just out of curiosity, is this the widest ski you've been on? Something happens to skis when they get wider than about 92mm....they become "fat skis" and begin to ski really slow edge-to-edge...it just takes some time to get used to it (higher edge angles are key).

I was looking at the Seth for my wife and out of curiousity I fondled the Nancy. I thought the Nancy was amazingly light and WAY WAY WAY too soft - being so soft you should really have demoed the 179 in that ski - you could probably even ski the 179 Seth just fine. I agree, it's too bad K2 wussied up their womens pow skis so much, they really had it nailed with the old Phat Luv (which was essentially the Axis AK Launcher). If you can find a used pair of the old blue or green flowery Phat Luvs in the 174cm size grab them - my wife is about your size mog and they're her favorite skis ever (and she really hauls butt on them) - the length will kick your butt for a few days though but you'd grow into them

If you are really in the market for a pow specific ski I would say look at the 176 Volkl Gotama, 177 Nordica Enforcer or 174 K2 Apache Chief (there's a few more) as nice soft snow specific compliments to the Sweet Fat Thangs and those skinny G2 thingamajigs. Bottom line: you probably need men's skis
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Clarified, the title and moved to Gear Review.
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