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Skinny to Fat skis - differences

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As of now i ski on some skinny skis at a 67mm waste. Im looking to get fatter skis such as 85mm-90mm. What im wondering is what is the main difference in skiing ablilty is. Without bothering with the ski brand or quality, i wanna know the general differences. Such as, right now i ski with my skis tightly together. Will fat skis alter this stance and make me spread out more? Will fat skis change my overall technique? Thanks for any info.
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assuming everything similar (sidecut, construction, mounting point) and the only different thing being waist width

fat skis have slower edge change, and less edge hold on hard pack. the biggest thing IMO is the slower edge change. with sharp edges and a skilled pilot fat ski skiers can angulate turns with the best of them and kill it soft snow conditions.

me on a 105mm waisted gotamas


fat skis can be skied tightly together but it will kill your groomer performance. maching groomer is blast on my volkls. In tree/bumps/powder/crud as long as your stance isnt "locked" together you will be fine.

In the width range you mention I think the best ski you could buy is a K2 public enemy.
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I'll throw in a vote for the Mojo 90 in that width range.
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I've already made a reply on snowHeads, but I'll add another bit here...
K2 Public Enemies or Volkl Karmas
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Over the past 4 years, I have gone from 68 to 73 to 76 and now I am on a 86 waist. I am not talking about a western powderski but as my east coast hardpack ski. Granted I lost a little bit of edge to edge quickness, but this was noticed more at lower speeds. What the wider ski adds is the ability to go over everything like a tank, nothing disrupts it. Also, a good sandwuch ski will be just as good on hard snow too.

I might drop back to a low 80's width and a tad more sidecut (a TR at just under 20).
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Phil seems to be evolving quite nicely

missionskier, you will notice that wider skis (as BWinPA noted) seem very slow edge-to-edge at first. It takes some time but it is possible to grow into it and gain the ability to get higher edge angles and speed the turns up...the better and more athletic the skier the easier the transitions (obviously). You may find that more dynamic body movements are needed to control the skis. You will also find that wider skis feel infinitely more stable on any kind of irregular or fresh snow

I don't think fatter skis will change your skiing style per se. I would just maybe try to find a wider ski without too much sidecut since you probably have a bit of an old school style to your skiing (since you ski with your feet very close together).
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thanks all for your info, the skis im looking at are the karmas just so you know. they have a good rep of being good on piste and everywhere else.
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