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Ski bag help

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I am going away and I need a ski bag that can hold 3 pairs of skis, along with a boot bag. I need something that will protect them, not just hold b/c it's a bus trip and I want to make sure my skis are gonna be safe when other peoples crap is going to be thrown on them. I was looking at the K2 Speed Roller bag even though it’s made for only 2 pairs I figured my girlfriends 146 don’t count as a full pairs of ski's lol. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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I bought a concourse single and it worked pretty well for me.. good padding anad plenty of space to stuff clothes into the bag.. I would highly recommned the concourse double.

One way to fit 3 pairs of skis into a double is IF you have railfex skis, you can pop off the binding easily and voila you have a one flat pair and two regular. Thats a big if ..
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We've had other threads on this before. On option that some of us like is the Sportube. Search the forums for "Sportube". See also
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Dakine rollerbag. That is an option. Keep an eye on SAC.
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I have the K2 bag. It is a nice bag but it tore on our first trip out. I believe it was a combination of bad handling (bag being dragged) and a thin outer cover on the bag in a stress area. The roller bag works well but it is awkward for bag handlers.

After our first trip using the bag I found myself wishing for a big duffle type bag. Now that may change once I have to carry a duffle around in an airport all day. The k2 was fairly easy to roll around behind you but make no mistake it is a big bag. It had trouble fitting in the airport carousel for ski bags in Denver. The bag is longer and wider than most other bags I came across on our trip.
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Thxs a lot guys for the help, the Sporttube sounds perfect and im gonna go check it out at my local shop tomorrow.
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Glissade makes a quad bag. They are supposed to be very nice bags and are made to whatever length you want. They do cost a few $$ though.
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Check out They have a slew of Dakine bags on sale. I just picked up the concourse single.
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single ski bag for two?

any of you guys use a single ski bag for two pairs? some of the single bags measurements seem more than adequate for two pair. i am looking for a lower volume bag for two skis and i cram pants and jacket around bindings for padding. any suggestions wold be appreciated. i have a snowboard bag that fits both pairs and a snowboard but the bag is huge and i am trying to keep it small and simple for this trip. thanks! GD
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Actually, I have to use a double bag to even fit one pair with lifters! I tried 3-4 different single bags in the last year and none of them fit around my RX-8 unless I put the skis head to toe, but that doesn't work for roof racks. So I just got a K2 Cascade double bag. It will fit one or two pair, and cinches down with straps to minimize excess.

I don't know who specs out the width/circumference measurement for ski bags, but they rarely get it right.
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check out ebay seller - "bagsonthego". got a very good,heavy - duty, fully - padded double bag (that will hold 3 if lengths dif. enough to off set the bindings), with wheels, interior divider and lots of cinch straps for like $45. full line of ski, board, and boot bags.
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i'll second the Sportube.

it's hella durable hardshell plastic.

they come in single, double, triple, and quadruple versions, too.

plus they have wheels so it's not like you're lugging this big plastic tube around off the ground.
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