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What's the deal with ski-level X?

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Oi ladies & laddies,

I've been reading through this - might I add awesome - forum ever since I wanted to get a new pair of skis a few weeks back. I did get them - a mighty fine pair of 175cm Head World Cup Slalom Ti, but before purchasing them I turned the internet upside down and stumbled onto this place.

It's rather tricky to get a decent pair of skis and to decide on which ones are good for you. Especially if you live in a country without any mountains. Yes - take your time and read that again - I live in a wee country where there are no mountains.. well none above 500m I should say really. Actually major parts of it would be flooded if it were not for that kid with the finger in the dike... figured it out by now?.. It's the Netherlands....

... anywayz I guess what I'm trying to say is... I cannot demo any skis around here because there are no serious slopes around here to test 'em properly. So I've been reading a lot about skis in general (of course picking out the ones about my Head SLs in particular.. really only to confirm what I wanted to have)... and I've stumbled into this rating people seem to talk about so often (in this forum)... "I'm a level 1 skier" or "I'm a level 10 skier"..

I can tell you that my shoesize is 43 and that converts into 10 or 10 1/2 I think, but that can hardly be it.. or can it?... just kidding.. but really.. how can I 'rate myself' when I comes down to skiing?

Or is it an American system that is not used over here in Europe?!..

Anywayz.. all your help is kindly appreciated,
cheers a bunch,
sinterklaasje :
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That level thing is the PSIA (Professional Ski Instructors of America)'s ability level system, to determine a person's instruction level. It's so if you take a lesson at Killington, then go to Vail, you could theoretically get the same lesson. That's the theory. There are 9 levels. Because it's used as instruction levels, there are way more levels around the "intermediate and beginner" abilities (because they take more lessons, and there's more to learn), then the expert levels (there are only 2 levels out of the 9, and one of those is sort of "beginner expert").

I think it's only useful if you're taking a lesson. Rating yourself by it is simply an ego trip. I have no idea if it's used in Europe, I highly doubt it.

You can see the levels here;

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Welcome to our forum Sinterklaasje. I say our because it is only as good as the qualtiy of those that participate in it.

As to what level skier you are, we would need to know what type of skier you are in terms of terrain, conditions you can ski in, and most importantly what type of turns you make.

Also, please give us an idea of where you do ski, probably in the Alps, so is it France, Germany, Austria, Italy, or Switzwerland or all of them ?

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