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I always liked the bottom of the Dynastar ATV with the flames.
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Hey, I've got a pair of them bad boys...

My rock skis, "Free Species".

Best looking ski I've had since my Spalding Siderals....
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Yeah, "Free Species"! I was going to say "Predator" or something like that. That's a really good looking ski. Was/is it any good?

Todd, there's a name for those dots used in the process. Like "Bendai" or something I did a quick search and turned up nothing but I'm pretty sure they have a specific name.
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198cm sl cut
They were/are fantastic skis. Real quick edge to edge. Stable at speed. Graphics were hypnotizing in lift line. I just stare at em. I've never seen another pair. I call them my rockers, but hey I didn't hit much last season in VT....
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My bright orange Spaulding GS Numero Unos. With the trick anti tip crossing wing thingys in the tips and tails.

I dunno. I like the Volant look. I keep thinking that if I polish them, and put some holograms on... ,

I fondly remember:

Blizzard Wizzard - Green and black checkerboard.
Volkl RennTigers - Stripes! Cause Tiggers Bounce!
K2 original Winter Heat - Red White and Blue
K2 TNC - I like the black background ones
Hexcel Firelight, Sunlight, etc. - Black light posters!
Kastle CPM TI - Black and orange slalom beefstick. My first "real" ski.

There was a boutique Panther Dream ski from the Dead Ski arrangments as well. I wish more ski companies would get a little creative with the graphics. A lot of the designs on snowboards are terrific.

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The volkl v-series look pretty cool.
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anyone see the new dynastar candides for this year? quite possibly the sweetest looking ski i have ever seen. as usual, line is doing a good job with their graphics for 2002. rossi is much, much improved. i love the look of the XXX and especially the pow.
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The 1980's-early '90s Elan MBX series were groundbreaking in cap design and in their topsheet look, pretty artsy. I like the twin tips with the holstein graphics which might be a rip off of gateway computers but it still looks good. There were some Atomic fats with a helicopter that were cool, for that matter their asymmetrical checkerboard scheme on their current beta-race series is pretty jazzy.
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Nothing screams "late 70's" like my Head Yahoo Freestyle ski's with their bright red & yellow graphics and total lack of any sidecut!!
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