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sweetest ski graphics?

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hey, i'm bored here at work, but i was just wondering what ski you guys think has the coolest graphics, and which ones have the worst graphics. for example, i think G41s ski like heaven, but the ski itself is butt-ugly. VERTIGO?!? reminds me of 80s blizzards.

i have several picks for sweetest graphics. line skogen: cant stop the pirate ship!
igneous: the "top gun" one. i like the k2 four grafx too.
rossi XXX: pure butter
dynastar candide: high times!

what do you all think?
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PRE 1200 team circa 1985
yeah baby
seriously, line graffix (sp?) are far & above the more traditional companies.

dance for snow
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I'd say Iggies had the best graphics.
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The Deadhead ski was made by Olin. It was a slalom ski that got quite good reviews as an exellent fall-line turner. I think it was available for two seasons, but not sure.
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One thing that's for sure is that ski graphics have changed for the worst over the past years. This years Volkl P40 F1 with that uncly lime green, i hate it. 1080 and 720 are great cause simple. Yet till next year, even worst. Salomon Crossmax 10 Pilot is the uglyest piece of sh.. i have ever seen. I think it's the case with all companies. Atomic might stand out, their graphics are simplier and super nice colors.
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The Dynastar Candide's are da bomb.

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Often test and prototype skis's are super cool because they are just dead white.

My Elan DarkSides were dead black - pretty darn cool too.

I did like some of those Evolution skis too that had portraits and such that spanned both boards.
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I agree, I like the "new-look" dynastars. All of them seem to look pretty phat. Im glad they took a more progressive stance in terms of graphics. Especially those looker Candides. Can you say "Jerome Baker"?

I recall that one magazine ranked the Line Darksides as having "best graphics"

Me, well, im still skiing my beloved pair of ugly vipers. i hope Rossi can take chances on their graphics like Dynastar did
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>>i hope Rossi can take chances on their graphics like Dynastar did<<

Well since Rossi owns Dynastar - I guess its up to them what happens!
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First choice: The original Rossi Bandit line. Second choice: Nordica monochrome. However, beauty is as beauty does - when the ski performs for me, I learn to love it!
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What was it about the original Rossi Freestyle that you liked? Wasn't it just kinda orange with a blue base? What am I thinking about? I liked the tapered tail.
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What about the Jerry Launchers from K2 this year? Tasty Garcia watercolor with Jerry peeking out???
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Zare21, Word!
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the dead skis were Olin RTS.
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What about the graphic-less Nordicas of the past few years? Who made that decision? When I first saw them (in a race) I thought someone was trying to cover the brand name.
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I also have liked the Rossi Bandit line.
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best graphics....

Igneous and their limited edition skis with naked women on them LOL

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Those were cool looking. I never got on them. Did you? I wonder how they skied.
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Igneous look to me like a sixth grader did their graphics (except for the naked women)
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I remember the Dead ski's, I loved them and wanted a pair just to hang on my wall.

When you have little cash things like that are out of the question.

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best--all Igs
second best--Rossi Rebels (this year's) and Bandits (last years)
worst--tied, this year's K2s, Volkls, Atomics and Dynastars. Not a winner in the bunch
special mention golf club graphics--Volants

Come to think of it, most ski graphics are pretty bad. Snowboard makers do a better job in this regard (esp. Gnu, Lib Tech and Salomon)

JW<FONT size="1">

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best of 02: Line
worst: Nordica
most improved: Volkl G4 (formerly 41)
biggest step backward: Dynastar Intuitiv (formerly 4x4)
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I was going to nominate "The Ski" but I was beaten to the punch.

I always liked the day-glow bottoms of the K2 KVC. I can't think of any other ski that actually reflected a hideous 80's color down onto the snow.
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Fischer SuperCarves that were silver with hues that transitioned from yellow to orange to red to wine in the forebody and at the tail of the ski. But then I'm biased.

This season's picks:
Best Looking : Dynastar Speed series.
First runner up: Volant Epic T-3.
Sencond runner up: Kneissl M1X, M3X and S1X series.
3rd runner up: Tie Blizzard FR 22, Fischer Sceneo series.

Most Improved Volkl P-50 series without a doubt. Carve series is nice too.

Plainest: Nordica K series.
First runner up: Volants generally with the exception of the Epic T-3.
2nd runner up: Fischer RC4 Pro SC, and RC4 Race SC.
3rd runner up: Salomon Pilot 8 and Pilot 10 series and Pocket Rocket(but they more than make up for it with the Crossmax series).

Most Tacky Looking: Salomon Crossmax 10 is the runaway winner in this category.
1st runner up: Atomic 8'12, 9'12 and 9'16.
2nd runner up: Rossingnol Power 9 series.
3rd runner up:Salomon Crossmax 8 series.

Weirdest Looking: Head Cyber XP series. Looks like Wayne Bobbit before his surgary.
1st runner up: Head Cyber World Cup SL. Looks like Wayne Bobbit after only partially successful surgary.
2nd runner up: Salomon Pocket Rocket
3rd runner up: Kneissl mogul ski with the lizzard on it Kniessl SupaFly is also a contender in this cagtegory.

NOTE: This list is subject to ongoing revision as new contestants emerge. The scoring has been done by a panel of completely neutral judges. The only endorsed athletes that participated in the scoring for the category selections above ski for Dynastar.

Just having some fun. There are a lot of great skis out there I'm sure and they generally look better too.
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'95 Black Smoke released a black-on-black graphic that was very similar to the Metallica "Black" CD cover.
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i have to admit that i really liked the volkl p40 energy rail design this season...lime green on black...it doesn't look nice at first, but it grows on ya...love that metallicy white "RACING" written on the side walls too..i dunno about next season's P40's tho...beige on lime green...

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Mello, I like the '01/02 p-50's much better than last years. The new G-4 with all black and white stripes is actually quite nice looking. Personally I never understood why Volkl abandoned the orange thing- it was distinctive and looked good when they had that plastic tip.

My girlfriend had an old pair of Rossi's that were red/orange and had Rossingol written in that psychodelic SF style. Very cool...<FONT size="1">

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I'll go the other way...

I've been skiing for 26 years and have yet to see a ski that really jumped and grabbed me, graphics-wise. I've seen plenty of awesome, jaw-dropping snowboard graphics but never anything on a ski that made me look twice.

I guess a ski is just too narrow to do anything spectacular.

About the only thing I can remember that I thought was pretty cool was the old Hexel graphics on skis I saw as a kid.

EDITED: Ack! Shoulda read all the responses before I replied. JW, I agree with you!<FONT size="1">

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A few years ago Hart (?) made these skis that had colored dots all over them. Kind of looked like an enlargement of offset printing dots. (What is the name for those damn dots?). I forget the name of the ski but it was very good looking.
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>>What is the name for those damn dots?<<

You mean something printed using half-toning?
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