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Advice needed on skis for Vermont conditions

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I am hoping to get some advice on which skis to demo before making a purchase.

Some people here will laugh at this but I am currently skiing on the same 15 year old 195cm Fischer SL Supers I bought as a senior in high school. I hadn't gone skiing for the past three years but decided to take it up again this year. Prior to my three year break, I skied between 15-30 days a year, and was on the junior ski team there several years back for a year, so I would consider myself to be an "advanced" level skier (whatever that means....)

Anyway, I have updated my boots, but my skis have definitely seen better days. I am looking for a ski that is best suited to Vermont conditions (pretty much hard pack and ice) that would be a quick turning, high speed ski, without requiring the effort level of race ski. I tend to ski fast groomed trails and dont do any bump skiing. I try to buy the best because I dont buy equipment often as you can tell. I am 6'1 and 200lbs.

I was considering demoing the Volkl Supersport S5 and the Atomic Metron 11 B5 or Metron B5s. Any other skis I should try?
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S5 or Allstar would be great. Pretty much every brand out there has a ski that will meet your needs. How big of a list do you want?

Nice handle, btw - I spent 15 seasons skiing out of Trailside. Good times.
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Thanks. Okemo may be a family mountain but I think it is a great mountain for skiers at any level. I was really surprised at how good the conditions were this past weekend given the weather we have had so far.

BTW - Any experience with the Fischer RX8s? Only problem is that I can't find anyone who demos those near Okemo....
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Be sure to see my friend at Northern Ski Works in Ludlow for ski demom advice and top notch boot fitting. Shon Racicot!
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I already spoke to them in fact about demoing the Supersport S5 and maybe the Atomic B5. I also want to demo the Fischer RX8, but the only place I can find is a race shop near Bromley.

Length recommendations for me on each ski? I'm 6'1 and 200lbs and an advanced skier. Sounds like the RX8 in a 170 would be ideal for me but I have no clue on sizing for the other two.
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Not sure if you've seen this thread or not, but dawgcatching posted an awesome compilation of reviews of hard-snow skis here. As you're (apparently) at Okemo, with Killington shops reasonably close by, you should be able to find just about everything to demo.

Personal preference time: I ski on Elan Speedwave 12's. 168cm length. I weight about 170; at your weight, I'd probably go to the next length. They've given me a sweet ride through fresh snow, on boilerplate ice, through slush, and through bumps. Short and medium radius turns are effortless on it. Elan's aren't particularly easy to find, although Northern Ski Works carries them (and they have shops at both Okemo and Killington). dawgcatching gives his impressions of the ski in his reviews above as well. I highly suggest giving them a try before making your final decision.
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I guess I'll add the Elan's to the list too. Thanks
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Head Supershapes
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Skis to demo:
Fischer RX8/9 - RX8, short radius and RX9 long radius but still pretty tolerant of pushing it out of it's preferred range. Forgiving and capable.
Fischer WC SC, WC RC same as above, but stiffer and not good at slow speeds or softer snow.

Atomic SX11/12 - Great at mid radius turns at speed, not forgiving.

Salomon Equipe - Great response, easy to ski, almost turns before you can finish the thought. Very forgiving, but still powerful. Gives up some stability at highest speeds.

Rossi VS Oversize- nice quick-turning smooth forgiving ski.
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It seems like a lot of people just love the new Fischer RX8s for advanced skiers on hard snow conditions. An added plus is that they are a bit cheaper than the Volkl Supersport S5 or Atomic B5s. Thanks for the advice.
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Originally Posted by OkemoTrailside View Post
I am looking for a ski that is best suited to Vermont conditions
cheap rock ski
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Narrower the waist the better .. Own the RX8 and I love it.. I also liked the K2 crossfires, head Ixrc 1200(this ski doesnt let up though!). Other skis that I hear talked about a lot are the rossi z9, head iRC and the Fischer SL/SC series. I really couldnt find a place to demo the rx8, I just went based on reviews.

Talk to dawgcatching, he knows skis and is the most patient, knowledgable and fun to talk with ski shop guy that I know of. good luck..
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