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I have a friend who shouts advice from the lift. Makes me clench my teeth and want to hide in plain sight when I'm with him.

I will help with yard sales or if someone looks to be in danger, ala Tyrone, or hurt. Other than that - give 'em a wide berth and giggity giggity giggity go.

My son stopped in the middle of a Nastar race course season before last to help a girl who yard saled in the course. I was proud of him for that.
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I had a good experience helping out

Hi all,
I've never posted before, leaving the posting to the more knowledgeable out there, but have been lurking for quite a while.

I'm just an intermediate, but I decided this year that I would ask every person who fell in front of me or was down with no assistance "Are you okay?". I've probably asked that 100 times this year (and I'm in the mid-Atlantic).

One thing about doing it so often is that 99% of the time you hear "yes, thanks" so I almost went head over heels last week when I asked it to a snowboarder who was down in the middle of the trail and she said "No, I think I messed up my wrist". Long story short, I asked her if she wanted me to help her down (she was only 150 yards from the Lodge) or fetch the ski patrol. She opted for the patrol and I scooted off and took care of it.

The thing that amazes me thinking back on it was that people were just whizzing by this poor lady and she was just huddled there on the slope. I'll admit, it made me feel good to help her out and I will definitely continue to ask.

Now back to lurking....
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I'll pick up someone skis if they have just hade a yardsale, or ask 'em if there ok. But that's usally the extent of it. This thread is making me want to do more though...
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Originally Posted by Tyrone Shoelaces View Post
Recently at Kirkwood I was skiing

Phew! so that felt good to be able to help. And then once they were safe, and out of the way, I pointed it from the top and aired the section they were stuck above. That felt even better
Nice save Ty
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I try to help when I can, especially if its a small child...treat them as if they were my own.
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