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The End isn't Nigh is it?

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The local ski shop has moved the ski's from the main display area only to replace them with bikes. There were end of season sales. Lange custom fit race boots were being sold for 200 Euro. Winter shouldn't end, I wanted to stop it all but there were too many of them.


PS Really sorry to the guy in the fruit-booting/inline skating department for taking out his display and the clothes rack (nobody told me the brake was on the right and not the left foot).

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HeyDb, on my "old" (two seasons) inline, one can move the brake from left to right and viceversa

Re: ski/store/end of season sales: look at the bright side, now it's THE TIME to buy!

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The end is nigh?

It's snowing in the Alps! I've got two trips to Austria coming up, and will do more skiing in March than I have done all year. We've got corn snow to look forward to (is that what the Austrians call firn?)! Sunny days on the slopes. A beer on the deck of a mountain hut. Paragliders in a crystal blue sky. It's not too late for waist deep powder yet either!

And when you think it's over and the cows and sheep are going back up into the mountains, you've still got glaciers to ski.

It ain't over yet!
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I remember last year, how quickly some Bears began to talk about end-of-season and picking up the golf clubs. It wasn't THIS early but I was surprised at how early it was.
STOP IT! ( )

'Course, if ya got no snow...

(Way it's shaping up now, I probably won't get ONE DAY in at my local.)

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Some of us haven't even seen proper snow yet this season!

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Proper snow? What's that? It's 50 degrees out where I am. As someone said around here, we had maybe a half-day of winter. Grrr... :


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