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New Skier?

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First I just want to say I'm so glad to have found this board it has been very helpful. Both me and my husband are relatively new skiers. This will be only our fourth trip. We will be staying in Avon and bringing our 4 year old daughter. Is this to young for her to take a first lesson and what should we expect. We still are debating either Vail or BC. She is excited about learning but being a mother i'm still a little worried. Any advice would be great.

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Relax and have fun.

I've taught children as young as three. Remember that young children are still developing. She may pick up the movements of skiing easily. On the other hand don't be discouraged if she doesn't. She may need a bit more physical development. (Remember she wasn't born walking.) This is common for kids, ask any instructor that works with children. The most important thing is to have fun, play in the snow, make snow angels, throw snowballs, and enjoy.

Get her with an instructor that specializes in children. That way she will have more fun.

Make the whole thing a fun time for the family. Also, get a few good runs in yourself. A happy Mommy makes for a happy child.
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Just make it fun

So glad to see you are getting your daughter into skiing! I can understand your concern, and my only advice is to make sure she has fun. I can vouch for the ski schools at both Vail and Beaver Creek, as we have used both.
The instructors will make it fun, and I'll bet your daughter will learn valuable lessons without even realizing she's in "school"!

All you have to do is make sure you minimize the stress of "the dropoff" by being organized and EARLY to the lessons. Build in plenty of time for what sometimes is a very slow process of getting ready each day. Have the gear ready to go, leave early, and relax at the check-in. Have a great time!

Oh yeah -- have your Credit Card handy, too!
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Bring her extra clothes. She made need them, accidents happen. You'll want to have dry clothes for her to change into.

I rented my sons equipment the day before his frist time. I had him put the boots and skis on at home the night before and walk around the living room so he could get used to the feeling. He was 3 1/2. That was back in 1991.

When you get on the lift with her, put your poles across her stomach and lift her onto the chair. Leave your poles there for the ride.

These are tips I got from Ski Magazine in the Fall of 1990. I have not seen that artical since. I wish they would redue that artical for new parents.
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I'd recommend Beaver Creek...much less crowded than Vail. Also, there's a small ski area called Arrow Head which is now connected to (probably owned by) Beaver Creek which has a ton of beginner terrain.
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Boulder could not have been more right. Preparation is the key here. Know where you are going (check the internet or ask pointed questions of regulars here), prepay and book early, get your rentals the day before if possible, double check you daughters ski clothing, arrive early and ask alot of question.

Skiing should be fun so make that first day as relaxed as possible by planning ahead. Don't over dress your daughter at home. Overheating really put kids in a bad mood. Plus it will make them cold out on the slopes. Better cool and dry than warm and wet.

When your daughter is done she is done . . . well . . . maybe. With our kids they would say they were done but the minute we took off all of their equipment they would want to go back out. Encourage play ! ! I spent more time playing in the snow piles with my kids than skiing with them their first year on skis. Now I can't shake them even in the bumps. Man I really thought that would happen later in my life.


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It's a perfect age (depending on the kid). I was amazed at how much my daughter took to skiing at the age of 3. Her cousin (3 months younger) was really not thrilled that year or the next. Heck... I don't know if he's thrilled about it at 5. How his brohter last year was 3 and was a complete natural!

Just let her try it out. I've personally never done the ski school thing (too pricey in the west) and we just let them have fun and do what they want (they're still quite young). Most of it is just getting the feel for the skis and trying to do wedges (which is really hard for some kids even at 5).

Have fun! HOpe she loves it!

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You're too late!!!!! Just kidding. All the advice here is perfect, don't push, let the prefessors do it all, make sure there's other kids in the class.

And do got to BC by all means. Vail is too crowded and way too big for you as well, wait 'till you can enjoy the whole mountain a couple of more trips further on. BC school is great, location and accoutrements.

You'll all have a blast! Oh, save the "scorecard" she will get, and take a bunch of pics with her BC bib. My bedside pic is my champ not quite 3 yo with Snowmass bib!
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