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Ski length for 7 years old boy

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Hi all,

I have found few discusions about ski length but non of them applay to my son.
He is 7 years old (7 and 3 months) he is 133 cm (52.4") and 27 kg (72 pound). He skis comfortably on red runs. His skis are always paralel, left right turns are OK. Stops from ful speed in 4-5 m. He is now practising to ski on one ski (one ski in air above snow, and change ski while moving).
We are going to ski in 2 weeks (two of us). I would like to improve his speed, and teach him to make quick turns on red slopes. What is suggested ski length?
We have 110, 120 and 130 CM skies.

Before lunch we will ski, after lunch we will snowboard (he is still board beginer) it means he will be rested for skiing.

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Welcome to Epic!
I'll move this thread over to Gear so you can get some more replies. I'm sure you'll find our gear geeks very helpful.
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Out of thethree, I'd go with the 110, but only if it has a modern shape. What skis do you have?
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My seven year old did well on 135 Rossi's.
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Based on my experience with my daughter I would suggest you use the 110.

I have two daughters (5 and 8) and they have been skiing for about 2-3 years on Rossignol Rebels, which are slightly shaped skis with fully adjustable heel and toe bindings. I have a range of these skis from 90 to 130 cm (all Rossignol Rebels) that were former and slightly used rentals. I bought them so the kids can progress yearly to longer but exact model skis. The bindings are adjustable which makes them very versatile.

The 8 year old (55 lbs, 51") used 100 cm for a whole year and can do fine with it in a wide blue run. Last time we skied I put her on 110 cm skis without telling her because I wanted to see if she could handle the extra length. She had a hard time and kept on complaining that there was "something wrong" with her skis. I kept on moving her forward or backward on the skies by adjusting the heel and toe bindings but it made no difference. By noontime she was miserable so I quietly got the 110 cm and put her back in it. She immediately noticed the difference and asked me what I did so I just told her that I put a little wax. She skied well the rest of the day.

Point of the whole story? When in doubt, always put kids in the shorter ski.
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