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Aspen advice

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G'Day from Australia.
We are coming over to Aspen 1st Feb for 12 days, staying at The Gant...first time skiing in CO/US.
Can anyone recommend a good ski hire shop? I notice that there are "four- mountain" shops at the base of the lifts which would be good for storage overnight....how do they compare with other places in town?
Also, anyone know what transit times are like at LAX? We have about 1 hour 50 mins to catch Denver flight...a bit concerned this may not be enough!
Thanks in advance.
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Hi braveheart,
Can't help you on the hire shops, but on the transfer time, you should be OK (but it might be tight).
When you get to LAX you will need to clear immigration/customs. The queue (line) at immigration will be the slow bit. Once you get through there, then you need to pick up your bags, walk through customs, and drop them off again (yes, check your bags all the way through, but you still need to pick them up at first point of entry). Once you've done that, it's a simple case of getting to the other gate...
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