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glossary of terms

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The technical teaching terms used to describe skiing technique have evolved so much over the years that someone like myself who is coming back to skiing after a long absence hasn't a clue what people are talking about.

I wish Harb and Weems would include a glossary of (their) ski terms in their books, as well as an index. Try to vision yourself skiing in an upside down c when you haven't a clue what it means.

If there is a glossary of ski terms I would like to know where to find it, and if there is not one, it would be a service to the supporters of epicski.com to create one here as a sticky. I would love to see one set up using wikipedia as a model so anyone could add or correct the terms used and their meaning.

What do you think? Is it workable?
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An upside-down "C" would still be a "C". Think about it.

Clear and precise writing is always the way to go. Sounds as if someone needs an editor.
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