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Gretsky's comments on the CBC.

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Yes, I too was disappointed with that interview but a lot was going on.

1. The Great One would have loved to be playing in these Olympic games! His feet are just itching to again lace on the skates.
2.He absolutley, positively hates to loose, so he is being somewhat of a tactition.He is taking on the media, and running interference for his team. This is one of the things the team manager does, when necessary.
3.His team has come together only rcently, and he needs something to unify them into a single minded purposeness.So now they are the underdogs, rather than being the overwhelming favorites.
4. What this does is kick up the level of play because now "serious" emotionalism beyond what is expected for competition is involved.This is similiar to what NHL teams do during the playoffs, "the other guys, your opponents, are out to get you, so you have no choice but to wage WAR."
5. And remember, the Olympics, ever since the days of Greece being the center of Western Civilization, were about being a substitute for war or a brake from those conflicts that oftened occured between the City States.

So let's look forward to some great hockey with the US vs.Russia and think and cheer USA USA USA and bring home the gold.
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And just look at what he's done. Instead of the press talking about spoiled superstars, all of the focus is now on what a "whiner" Wayne is. [Any Calgary Flame fan is quite familiar with this version of the Great One.] Wayne takes one for the team and look at the results. Canada plays great games against the Czechs and the Fins, building the big mo' towards the gold metal game.

If Canada takes gold, look for all the commentators now bashing Wayne who will call Wayne a great stategist and motivator.

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wayne's in a bunch cuz he can't get down there and win the game himself.

talk talk talk

Who cares?

The hockey is getting damn good!

Cept for those Swedes. I would have bet on them for the gold. Seems like there is no sure thing in this tourny.
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Did anyone see the womens final? How the heck does Canada recieve more than double the penalties the U.S. recieved - Canada got 13 minors, including 8 in a row at one point, and by my count I think the U.S. got 5 or 6. At least Canada still won, but still, how can such lop-sided refereeing make it into the gold final (remember also that the ref was american).

Also, whats up with the U.S. team having a Canadian flag on the floor of their dressing room??

At first I thought Gretzky was out of line, now I'm beginning to think otherwise....

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Hey Mike, I'm also in Calgary, how goes it?

Anyways yes the reffing was just brutal, but the Canadians still won, that was so sweet. I found the flag thing pathetic, what a bunch of morons, I think they should be sanctioned for such a thing.
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This flag thing has me puzzled. Not a respectful thing to do in the first place, but as amotivator, it must have been a great motivator for the opposition. Maybe it was. Congrats Canada!
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