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East report?

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So im headed out east tomorrow, Vermont to be specific, and i am getting mixed messages about the conditions. Ill be staying in the Bromley/Stratton area, and maybe making a drive up to Killington. What are the conditions like around here? are there other places i should be going? any way not to have to play full price of 60 bucks for Stratton tickets?

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There are a bunch of 39 midweek Okemo vouchers around. I skied there yesterday and Kton last weekend. Conditions are good, not great.
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I was in Rutland this morning (January 1st). Was planning on skiing at Killington or Okemo, but it was pouring. Driving over Killington pass took a lot longer then it normally does -- the roads were pretty slick. Seems like a rain / sleet mixture probably fell during the night, and the rising sun / road salt was beginning to soften it up a bit. The clouds were really low -- I couldn't even see Pico when I went past it.

I didn't bother skiing; it wasn't cold enough atop Killington Pass to be snowing at 7:30, so I didn't have much faith that higher up on the mountain would produce snow either.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad tidings. The plows were out in force, so the roads should be fine by the time you get up there, but I'd still use some caution, especially if it gets cold at night. If you find good conditions, be sure to thank the groomers and the snowmakers.
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Higher elevations better - Jay and Stowe maybe best covered and depths. Killington had good manmade coverage earlier than most and should be fine. Most areas coming along with manmade. Last night and this morning mix of snow, sleet and freezing rain that left varying depths of grainy stuff that will groom in ok. Barely broke freezing today even at lower elevations so no big melt down. Tomorrow is supposed to be a nice day with sun and mid 30s at 1000 ft and mid 20s at the summits. After tomorrow, next two days nice but like Spring skiing:
Probably be pretty good. No idea about the Stratton tix -sorry.
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Hi I just got back from VT and the last 10 day's at Okemo. I skied today. I was one of the few people on the lift at 7:45AM. The other people were ski patrol. With the mist and lite precept (I work there and we can't use the "R" word) not many people were out even at 11AM.

The coverage is fair, you'll want to becareful skiing over the rollers until you know what's there. With the warm temps it's hard to keep snow or make enough to keep up. From talking with friends who work at Killington they seem to be in the same shape. Becareful skiing fast until you know the terrain, you never know what's over that drop.

If you go to Mountain Services at Okemo (under the clock tower) ask them if they have one of the $39.00 coupones good any weekday (less Jan 15th) in Jan.

I'll PM you with more info.
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Update, If it helps, I finally took out my good skis last Saturday at Okemo. No damage but remember I know the location of every rock on the hill.
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if you have a bike, bring it.
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I chose not to ski on Monday due to the ****. I heard the lifts didn't open till late too.
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I was riding the lift at 7:45AM. Okemo had the Sachem and Glades chairs running, (fixed grips) the high speeds, (South Face and Solitude) came on by 9:30ish. Not sure about Jackson Gore, didn't bother skiing of there. When I left at 12:50PM the North Star was still down.
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It was freezing rain at Stowe. I don't think we lost any cover. It may have actually made things a little better and armored over the grass, etc. on the thinnest trails. It was icy as heck today, but should be nice tomorrow.
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