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Condo-grocery list

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Thought it might be interesting and informative to find out what's on everyone's grocery shopping list for a week long stay in ski country. Going to CO in two weeks and thought it would be a good thread to get suggestions, reminders, and unusual items.
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OK, No takers. Let's narrow it down to must have or unusual items.
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I find the most problematic items are herbs and spices. It can really add up if there are no basics at the condo. Some places even clean out the salt and pepper.
I start with breakfast: eggs, butter, milk, coffee, bread, jam?, oatmeal and fruits.
Lunch on the hill.
Dinner: pasta, rice, sauces, meats veggies, salad makings. Pesto is very versatile, steak is easy, baked ziti an easy meal to make. (my mom has made homemade chili and tomato sauce for me, which travels well frozen.)
Snacks: cheese, fruit, chips, crackers, Hummus +/or salsa.

Dessert: cookies, ice cream,
Drinks: juice, sometimes bottled water, tea, beer and wine

Paper towels if there are no paper products, since they double for clean up and as napkins.

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Don't overbuy the cereal.
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I like to plan simple meals that don't require many ingredients, time, or cooking utensils (you can never guarantee the quality or variety of cooking utensils at a condo!)

If the condo is ski-on/off I will plan on having every meal at the condo, excepting maybe one or two dinners out to change things up. I am just cheap that way.

breakfast: cereal, milk, bagels/cream cheese, small packet of eggs/sausage/potatos for one hot cooked breakfast (i can only do this on rest days since I'm too lazy to wake up early and cook a full breakfast on a ski day), oj for the vitamin C (++)

lunch: lunchmeat, cheese, wheat bread, apples/oranges/fruit of choice, carrot sticks (i like to do regular sandwiches, maybe some leftovers from dinner, or yummy grilled cheese if it's cold out)

dinner: steaks and veggies (5 minute meal!), spaghetti, chicken parm (can use extra spaghetti), stirfry and rice, whatever i feel like cooking. I'm more likely to go out for dinner than lunch, since I hate the idea of paying a ton of money for a sandwich. A good dinner, on the other hand...

Other stuff: granola bars, popcorn, ice cream, wine, beer, gatorade, garlic powder, butter, olive oil, (the condos almost always have salt/pepper), generic italian seasoning, COFFEE

i will sometimes bring a good knife wrapped in a dishtowel if i am driving.

lots of food, but it's nice being in a condo and having plenty of food options! unless of course you're flying, and then you would probably want to keep it to the minimum. I usually plan out each meal each day ona piece of paper and that way i know i don't have too much or too little. Then I can always switch it around if i don't want one thing one night or whatever.
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I laughed when I saw this thread because this is exactly what I was doing today.

Last time I bought one of those Stouffor (sp?) Frozen Lasagnas and frozen garlic bread. It's super easy to throw in the oven then take a shower while it's cooking.

Also was thinking yellow rice and chicken would be easy. Like someone else said, it's tricky to find stuff that doesn't require a bunch of seasoning if the condo doesn't have it.

Other essentials:

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Quick morning meals
instant oatmeal, pancake mix etc, cereal as above

if you like fresh ground coffee bring your own grinder and buy filters there.

Apres Ski snacks - dip, chips, guacamole, cheeses, carrott sticks, celery, bite size food.

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fig newtons
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Harvarti, Don Julio and some Lodi reds

Some other possibilities:

Whole Wheat english muffins
Peanut butter
Green tea
Water (bottled, first thing in the AM especially at higher altitudes)

A good high protein power bar
Or small box of raisens and an apple
or Brownies (need eggs, milk and baking spray stuff) wrapped in Sarah wrap and then foil for the afternoon


Vino, necter of the snow gods. I recoment something from the Lodi appeallation. Perhaps Michael David's "Sixth Sense Syrah"? or a hearty red Zin. Of course some cheese and crackers and some smoked turkey, salami etc. as a snack. Maybe a ready made shimp cocktail?


Spagetti (whole wheat again) and a jar of Newmans
Good hamburger to combine with the Newmans for a meaty sauce.
red and green peppers--add to your sauce with a little roasted garlic (comes in a 4oz bottle most places) and some store diced onions. Almost viola. Need garlic bread--ready to toast in the oven.

Could also do baked Ziti, I like the steak idea, turkey (sauerkraut, cheese) rueban sandwiches or many grocery stores sell baked chickens. Oh yea that would be good.

Dessert--may we suggest a thin chocolete ice cream. Coffee with some frangelico?

Later, a cold beer or some more wine. Perhaps a couple of friendly shots of Don Julio as the moon rises? How about some cards. Pringles work great as chips.

Is there any portable speakers with the IPOD your undoubtedly taking? Stevie Ray Vaughn and Aerosmith to get the house a rockin. Grover Washington if the mood is more ...affectionate.

Have a good time! Were doing a week in tahoe in March and I look forward to seeing some other ideas of what will make the week there more memorable.
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Originally Posted by bbinder View Post
fig newtons
just add cool whip and you're all set
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Your condo or rental condo? Completely different analysis depending on answer.

Your condo--high shelf life products (pb, stock, crackers, cereal, beans, rice, flour, sugar, etc.) and freezable products to last between visits. Also, if you invest in a vacuum sealer (45 bucks) and seal your spices/herbs if your gap between visits is more than a month, you will be surprised at the difference between sealed spices and stale spices.

Rental condo--hardly anything for a week. Coffee, 1/2 and 1/2, milk, yogurt, cereal, bread, peanut butter, honey, and apples. You've got breakfast and lunch solved for, and then go out for dinner or order pizza (for leftovers) or chinese (same).
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dont' forget a real breakfast

bacon or other dead animal flesh product
whole grain bread
smoked salmon is a MUST
orange or cranberry juice

water crackers
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If its a rental condo; check the cupboards first; there is usually some stuff left over. Check for essentials like coffee filters.
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Scotch, Belgian beer, wine, and a bottle of champagne. Hmmmm.......
oh yeah then you might also need some steaks, cheese, eggs, crackers, juice, milk, frozen veggies, bannanas, oranges, apples, strawberries, belgian chocolate, coco, yogurt, oatmeal, potatoes, pasta, meat-sauce (or gravy as they say in Brooklyn).
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OK, this might be a little overkill, but one time we bought and cooked a large turkey. We were sharing a big condo with 4-couples in our pre-kids days. It was great because we had turkey burritos the following night and turkey sanwiches for whoever wanted to make lunch.

For me , the most important thing to have is good coffe and some half & half in the AM and some beer and munchies for apres ski. I like to have some good bourbon on hand too.
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Dont forget...

Bottles of water and gatorade.
Box of Hot chocolate envelopes.
Cream or creamer

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i cant live on the ski hill without some beef jerky to munch on the lift
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I almost forgot:

Jalapeno stuffed olives
Ancho chiles
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Originally Posted by bbinder View Post
fig newtons
OMG, are we married?
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Originally Posted by segbrown View Post
OMG, are we married?

unless your name is Marcia and you are in the next room as I type, then i don't think so.... but thanks for the props!
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Originally Posted by bbinder View Post
unless your name is Marcia and you are in the next room as I type, then i don't think so.... but thanks for the props!
ha ha ... maybe you and my husband are long-lost twins, then.
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Originally Posted by segbrown View Post
ha ha ... maybe you and my husband are long-lost twins, then.

could be -- there's a whole part of my family that fell off the tree long ago -- no contact for decades. Sad, really.
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Bring along some Depends. Sometimes when the pow is good there's no time to stop and take a leak.:
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