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One More Shoulder Injury!

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Mark fractured his scapula (we think) and discolated his shoulder on Copperopolis today. : Special thanks to Mike_M for helping us get home!
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: Bummer, I hope he gets well soon. I know of a good physical therapist in his area if he needs a reference.
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This is NOT the way I suggested you start the new year. Next time, please take notes.

Sorry to hear the news. To borrow from TGR: Positive vibes to Mark hoping for a lesser injury and quick return to skiing.
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Sorry to hear of your injury. Get well soon.

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Thanks gang. Actually I just looked at the discharge papers and that says "greater tuberosity fracture" which I think is up at the head of the humerus. Apparently this happens most often in anterior dislocations, which is what I had.

Setting up an ortho appointment tomorrow for sometime this week. Then we'll know whether or not I need surgery to help the pieces fuse or just let it fuse on its own, and also if surgery to tighten the ligaments to lessen chances of future dislocations.

Hopefully back out on the hill in 6 or 7 weeks - can't do ESA Aspen now but maybe transfer it to Tahoe.

Now I know why people like Percoset
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The female doctor, who was a Holly Marie Combs look-alike, wanted to take him home with her. I think he likes the attention!
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Here I thought Mark had learned that lesson to stay away from things with bark on them.

I had the tuberosity fracture in something like 1984. I think the tuberosity is where the tendon attaches. Your muscles/tendon pulled the bone apart, letting it escape from the "cage" that keeps it together. That's better than the standard dislocation, where the integrity of the joint structure becomes compromised, making future dislocations easier.

Usually (and in my case), reduction of the dislocation results in realignment of the bone pieces so they can grow back together. I had very conservative care by a surgeon who had been my father's partner before my father retired instead of by a "sports orthopod", and his advice was to keep the elbow strapped to my chest for six weeks with the sling and wrap I presume you also received at the on-mountain clinic. Hopefully you'll begin moving the joint before that length of time. I took almost a year to regain full range of motion of the shoulder after such a long time of not moving it at all.

For comfort, my wife stitched up a little saddlebag holder into which we inserted the smaller size of those refreezable cooler coldpacks so I could have the cold on both the front and back. I know cooling such an injury is supposed to be replaced by heating after a couple days, but the cold was much more comfortable. I also found I had to sleep wedged into a corner of a couch rather than trying to lie in bed. That went on for a couple weeks. I probably could have used a recliner chair, but we didn't have one at that time. Good luck, Mark.
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Best of luck on a speedy recovery Mark! I broke my collarbone at Copper last season, so I can relate!
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Sorry to hear about the shoulder! If you need anything let me know. (I'm sure I have a few things sitting around the house for shoulders! )

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heal soon and well!
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Sorry to hear of your did it happen?

Speedy recovery to you! Just remember that Percoset is great at masking the pain, which dictates how you move.

Sounds like a good time to visit your friends back East, eh? There's no snow here to tempt you!
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Originally Posted by Bonni View Post
Sorry to hear of your did it happen?
"Unexpected air" is my euphemism for it. As in "cra#p where did this little kicker come from?!" 100% pilot error - was crankin' it pretty fast down next to the Nastar course, was first run of the day which should have been on a mellower warm-up, especially since it was the first time out this season on my longer faster boards, obviously hadn't quite dialed in right as to fore/aft balance. Got airborne where didn't anticipate it, landed tips-heavy and heel-released cleanly out of both. Came down hard on left shoulder towards the side/back as initial point of impact and rolled over it about 3 times before all the various pieces came to a halt.
Originally Posted by Bonni
Speedy recovery to you! Just remember that Percoset is great at masking the pain, which dictates how you move.

Sounds like a good time to visit your friends back East, eh? There's no snow here to tempt you!
Thanks. But it may be a while before I get on a plane. I was heading to Boston Sunday for 3 days in-person for my gig at BigFinancialCo, but the idea of being squished into coach with somebody right on my shoulder isn't sounding real good right now. Telecommuting for the time being!
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do not hold a 12 pack out at arms length any time soon:

I did that getting into the car a week or so after I tore up my AC joint and ended up on both knees in the parking lot when the shoulder remined me it was damaged!
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Drink and driving don't mix, and you've proof!
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Ouch, get better soon, lots of season left.
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If it's any comfort I did my collarbone 2 seasons ago(afternoon of planned last day of season) and I've fallen on it a few times since with no problems so far.

Get well soon and hope to see you on the hill in April for LGCIII.
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Sorry to hear about your injury. Been there, done that a long time ago. Hurt like hell for the first few days. For 8 weeks I wore an elastic wrap with velcro closures which immobilizes the shoulder by holding the lower arm in place part way across the torso and the elbow against the side. I assume that you now have a similar rig. Not the most comfortable thing to wear, but it works. Shortly after getting out of the brace I spent a week in Jamaica where I had a chance to swim the shoulder back into shape. The rum drinks helped too. A lot more fun than PT.

Hope you have a speedy recovery. There's still plenty of time left in the ski season.
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So sorry for your injury Mark. Heal well!
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