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PSIA Help?

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One of our pros here is from the U.S. and is currently working on getting a PSIA 3. It's been a few years since my experience with the PSIA so I'm hoping maybe someone here could direct me to where I could find some reference material on the course/exams so that I can help him prepare. Thanks very much.
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what division of PSIA?
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Cannonball--you can get information from each division by finding the divisional site, which you can find links to on the National website (www.psia.org). If you're interested in what we're up to here in the Rocky Mountain Division (Colorado and New Mexico, primarily), our site is www.psia-rm.org. You can find all sorts of downloadable information on this page, including a fairly thorough description of the maneuvers on our exams that I wrote myself (first item on the page: PSIA-RM Alpine Skiing Maneuvers 2006-07.pdf).

As you probably know, while PSIA tests to national standards, each division conducts its own exams with its own methodology.

Great turns, by the way!

Best regards,
Bob Barnes
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