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Artificial Snow needed

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Since the current rising interest in snow sports is confronting climate change it seems to me that engineers should be working on creating an artificial snow. Not "man-made" snow that requires a temperature of 28 degrees, but artificial snow that can be made and used at any temperature. Maybe recycled plastic, teflon, or a foam. It would have to stick to itself, be "compactable", but also be easily separated.

I know that there are "dry slopes" out there, but since they haven't caught on they must not work too well.

Support science education. A future scientist may be our only hope.
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Its an intersting concept, and I have skied on surfaces ranging from plastic flakes to polyproylene bristles since the late 70s. The experience is reasonably close to skiing in that you can use your edges, play with turn shapes and get the sensation of descending a hill with the "if you fall you die" consequences (I can't imagine how badly that stuff would tear you up). It remains an incomplete experience because it is too expensive to cover much terrain and as a result becomes a very repetitive exercise.

I just wonder if it would be possible to turn such slopes into a commercially viable venture. Machine blown snow is far superior, and yet resorts opening without natural snow on the ground have difficulty attracting enough people to make it financially rewarding to operate snowmaking equipment, lifts and support services. I don't think the premise of global warming has as much relevance to this as cyclical weather patterns; and I doubt even more that there is demand for artificial snow experiences by a sufficient portion of the public to make it worthwhile. Nice tool for instructor practice though, and it seems best suited to midwestern and perhaps urban slopes of limited length and relatively high population.
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I think most ski communities would balk at covering their mountains in plastic.
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How much of the base at Killington includes the mulch??
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Sand dunes work pretty well.
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Originally Posted by Whiteroom View Post
I think most ski communities would balk at covering their mountains in plastic.
In the midwest we really don't have "ski communities" -- but I see what you mean for mountain communities. Artificial snow might work in the midwest.
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