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TR - Sherburne Trail (Mt. Washington) 12/31/06

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My brother and I planned to ski Sunday River on New Year's Eve Day with a 2 for 1 voucher but after reading the fine print that it wasn't valid until Jan 2nd we had to make some new plans.

At 1 AM we decided to get an early start to hike up Mt Washington and do some skiing up there wherever it looked good. There was a cloud hanging over the back (west side) of the mountain as we drove up but it looked clear otherwise. Starting just after 7 AM, we hiked the hermit lake trail up which was rocky the whole way and only had about 6" of snow or less. Once we hit the hermit lake shelter the wind was going super fast but the clouds were blowing off and it was clearing up. The view of tucks and the summit were amazing. Next time I'll at least bring my cell phone camera to snap a few pics.

If we were ambitious and my brother didn't have to go to work at noon we probably could have found some wind blown powder up closer to the ravine. It isn't even really winter up there yet. Aside from what the wind has rearranged there isn't much snow on the mountain and lots of terrain is still exposed.

The first parabolic skis I ever had -- yellow and black Rossignol cut 9.9 Supers that I raced on junior and senior year in high school -- were my ski choice for the day. I re-discovered them in the attic last week and I decided to ski on them since the edges were already bent, rusted, delaminated in places and all around shot. It turned out to be a great decision since I didn't think twice when I heard the crunch noises on the way down. They were in need of a proper retirement anyway.

We took the Sherburne trail down and had first tracks of the day. The powder was windblown and knee deep in sparse places but overall there wasn't enough of a base to smooth out the underlying terrain or the drainage ditches. To either side of the center of the trail, there was quite a bit of brush protruding above the snow that was grabby on the skis. Our dog, Otis, had fun on the descent and took a few spectacular high speed diggers when his front paws sunk in too far. We met a few people skinning up as well.

This was my first time on Washington in the winter and it was my first semi-legitimate winter hiking experience too. The skiing wasn't spectacular but it certainly wet my appetite to go up and do it again when a better base is built up and the notch gets dumped on!
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Thanks for the report, I enjoyed the read.
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I've been wondering what conditions were like up there. Thanks.

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Originally Posted by Barnstormer View Post

Our dog, Otis,
Wait till you get to ski Tuckerman's!

Otis, that's my dog's name.
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