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Originally Posted by ct55 View Post
wow - Stein still skis em? I guess I have no excuses then that my legs are too old!
Naw, we have no excuses. But, we're also not formerly the World's Best Skier, with Olympic and FIS gold all over our trophy case.

We also don't ski every day, cultivating fitness at age 79 that most people couldn't match in their 30's (he had a triple-bypass a few years ago, which apparantly super-charged his system).

We spoke to a few people there, including Stein's good buddy Olaf Pedersen, who say he still humbles young 20'ish dudes who try to keep up with him on difficult terrain. Nobody matches his flawless style, AND his perfect hair.

We only saw him briefly. I'd love to ski with that guy for a day. What an inspriation to the rest of us aging farts.
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B5 Update

I've been on the MB 5's for a couple of months now but this last Sunday was quite the experience. There was about 20'' of snow between February 21-25 and I was only able to get on the hill Sunday well after the groomed runs had been well tracked not to mention the significant resultant bumps. To make a long story short I was able to ski terrain and snow conditions that previously would have got the best of me. I can turn quickly and sharply in very significant bumps and never could have done that on the old R10s. Also, on some of the lesser terrain where I could practice I am really able to carve nice turns. This ski has improved my skiing at least 30% if not more.
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I just ordered a pair of B5's in 152cm's. It's an 05-06 model. I'm glad to hear such great reviews. I'm coming off an 170cm, 11:20 Beta ride which is a ski I still love. Long before these I had the old Rossi pencil skis in a 205cm. They were like 2 x 4's. I remember that my legs would get a workout and they would sometimes can hungup in the moguls. When I went to shaped skis I was able to ski 6 or 7 days with barely a hint of leg pain or fatigue. I think the key is good technique and the shorter shape skies on the market. If you use your weight to tip the ski on edge you work less then trying to steer the ski with your legs. Also, I found that I can ski deep powder with my Beta Rides by simply sitting back to lift the tips and making nice long turns and no fast stops. Unfortunately, I'll have to wait until next season to try my new skis. I think short skis wil be fun and allow me to really ski the trees better. I just hope that the radical sidecut isn't too turny and that I can still go straight and fast without catching an edge. I never had a problem but I have never skied a ski with such a radical cut. I mostly carve so I think the B:5 may be a good fit. Also, great reviews of the ski. Thanks
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Love the B5 - Any other skis out there that compare?

I just demoed the '07 B5 at Alpental yesterday for the first time. Conditions were overcast, spring snow with temps in the low 50's. I skied the upper mountain all day - International, Adrenalin, Felson, Snake Dance, Shot 6 and most of the runs into the bowl. I'm coming off a pair of Volkl 724 Pro 177's and Lange L10 race boots. To add to the mix I bought a pair of Solomon XWave 10 boots - also my first day on these.

All I can say is that the B5 was pure joy! I immediately felt at ease on these skis (and boots!). My ability to drive them on steeps and through chutes and bumps was truly amazing. They were also very stable at high speeds. I was able to do GS turns through skied up crud with much more stability then on the 724's. Turning arcs were seemingly unlimited - from slalom turns to big GS turns. I rolled the edges on groomers, was able to modify this technique on steeps, and finally was able to do jump turns with ease through tight chutes on Felson and Snake Dance. Straight-lining the skis was also no problem, with a typical slight edging as with any shaped ski. They did not dance around at all.I've read on these posts that these skis can be a little touchy on boilerplate - as were my 724's but running straight and fast in that situation with a little more edge pressure kept the 724's on the snow. I assume the same will be true of the B5's???

I wish I could have skied them earlier this season in powder, but will most likely have to wait for that until next year. I feel that this ski will perform much better than the 724 - it has about the same waist, but with the much larger shovel and tail. Hopefully this will get me good knee deep powder ability (or better)? That's about the range of the 724 before I had to start working it hard.

I'm looking for a pair of 162's, but would like to ask this post if anyone knows of any other skis out there that compare to the Metron B5??? Most of my friends (including me) are Volkl fans and they are raving about the AC4 in the 170mm length, however, none of them has skied the B5. Anyone tried the Volkl AC4, and if so, how does it compare to a 162 B5??

Thanks in advance -any replies will be greatly appreciated.

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